Magnetic Card Reader

Works with all the major operating systems as Windows 7, 8, Vista, Xp, 2000(32&64 bits) and Apple Computers(MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iMac) and Unix, Linux even ios, Android.

Upload Date: 2020/7/3

1.Bluetooth and USB interface works with computers and mobile/Tablet

2.1,2, 3 TRACKS  applicable, including credit card, gift cards, drivers license, ATMs, and etc

3.Download "EasyMSR" from "Google Play" or "App Store" for Android Mobile/Tablet or iPhone,iPad Using

4.Free Software For Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8(32&64), MAC OS

5.Hi-co & Lo-co Compatible(300~4000 OE)


7.USB interface (5ft (150cm) cable length, approximate)

8.LED indicatorSmallest Size: 5.5*1.6*1.6 Inch 

Product detail



9.The world's only wireless bluetooth magnetic stripe credit card reader writer,smallest and portable

10.Hico and loco: all compatible (300~4000 oe); Three Tracks: track 1,2,3; Functions:read, write and erase; LED indicator, applicable and full support for ISO 7811-6 standards

11.Bluetooth and USB interface works with Windows OS, Android, Mac OS, iPhone and iPad

12.Download "EasyMSR" from "Google Play" or "App Store" for Android Mobile/Tablet or iPhone,iPad Using

13.Free software for Windows and Mac OS. Paid APPs for Android and iSO(iPhone, iPad), about $20 for the EasyMSR app

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Wireless Bluetooth Card Reader

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