Kn95 Mask

LIGHTWEIGHT: The vertical folding design and overall lightweight structure make this mask easy to store and carry FORM FITTING: The flexible nose guard is designed to provide a custom fit to ensure a soft and comfortable fit to reduce skin irritation while the stretchable braided ear bands ensure comfort over long periods of wear time.


  1. Use your hands to cover the mask and inhale,if you feel air leaking from nose location,tighten the nose clip.

  2. If air leaks from the edges,adjust the ear band to ensure a tight fit.

  3. Single-use and non-medical use only.

  4. Do not wash or heat up using a microwave.





Implementation standardGB2626-2006
Production DatePlease see the certificate of conformity
Validity 3 years
MaterialMeltblown spunbond non-woven
Storage conditionStore unpacked -20℃~30℃temperature and less than 80%humidity environment.

Suitable for protection against harmful particles such as duct,Pm2.5 Haze particles,pollen,influenza bacteria and droplets.

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