Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel smart lock

Sep 11, 2019

At present, the stainless steel smart lock is mainly made of 304 stainless steel, which can be widely used in different areas such as coastal, high cold and high temperature.

1. The advantages of stainless steel smart lock.

1) Strong corrosion resistance, can be widely used in coastal and tropical rain forest areas with high salinity and high humidity:

2) It has the characteristics of heat resistance and low temperature strength, and can be used in areas with severe cold, high temperature, or large temperature difference;

3) High strength, fireproof, anti-drilling, anti-smashing, anti-saw, anti-shock, etc., long service life and high safety:

4) Uniform texture, good density, no pores, sand holes, bright and uniform color, fine, can maintain the original appearance of the product for a long time.

2. The shortcomings of stainless steel smart locks.

1) stainless steel smart locks are costly and generally more than double the zinc alloy smart lock;

2) The stainless steel texture is hard and difficult to form, so the appearance is too single and the selectivity is poor.