Apartment smart door lock has become an essential facility for apartment operations

Jan 15, 2020

There is such a contradiction in the minds of people renting apartments-"This room originally had a lot of residences, it is unknown whether the original tenants were equipped with additional keys. How is the security guaranteed?" "Change the lock yourself? A bargain! "Apartments are different from hotels. People staying in hotels are very temporary and don't usually bring a lot of luggage. However, people who live in apartments often carry relatively many items. Therefore, the security issue is indeed a concern for tenants, especially for girls.


As an apartment manager, there is also no way to guarantee that the original tenant did not have another key. If you change the lock cylinder every time you change tenants, some tenants don't check in for a long time. This is definitely not cost-effective. If it is really because of security problems, whether compensation or word of mouth, the loss will be even greater.

Problems that traditional door locks cannot solve. There are already perfect solutions in the age of intelligence. Intelligent door lock hardware plus software platform remote control mode is very powerful. Can easily solve the various hidden dangers of traditional door latches.


What's so great about apartment smart door locks?

When the tenant signs the lease, the administrator can send the door lock password to the tenant through the software system. This password will be regenerated every time. Therefore, even if tenants are changed frequently, the security problem of door locks will no longer arise. In addition, tenants can log in to the Billion Partners platform through their mobile phones to change their passwords at any time, and they can also view the unlocking records of door locks. In this way, whether you are at home or not, you can know the situation of entering and leaving the room. Sometimes it is inevitable that a friend will come to live in the apartment, and when he used the key before, he was also worried that the friend would assign the key privately. It doesn't matter now. The tenant only needs to set a temporary password and change it at any time. This will neither affect the feelings of friends nor worry about security issues.


Apartment smart door locks will not only bring a good experience to tenants. There are more practical places for apartment operators! For example, some tenants have arrears of rent for a long time, and artificially urging rents will not only waste time, but will definitely affect the relationship with tenants. It is not the same with the apartment intelligent door lock: the system automatically records the rental time and the payment time. If a payment is in arrears, the system will automatically limit its access rights, and tenants will naturally make up the payment if they cannot enter the door. And electronic payment on the platform can be completed in a few minutes, and then the lock can be unlocked immediately. Through system management, tenants often follow the rules without complaining. The return rate of the apartment is still guaranteed, killing two birds with one stone!

Apartment management focuses on details and services. The cost of apartment smart door locks is not high, but it has brought obvious benefits to the apartment in terms of service income, efficiency income, revenue income, word of mouth income and other aspects. Therefore, apartment smart door lock is a necessary facility in modern apartment operation!

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