Comparison of intelligent lock material purchase methods

Sep 13, 2019

At present, the materials used in the smart locks on the market are roughly divided into two categories, one is a zinc alloy smart lock, and the other is a stainless steel smart. Under normal circumstances, many consumers are difficult to distinguish the difference between the two and their advantages and disadvantages; at the same time, many smart lock companies also grasp the smart locks that are not allowed to consumers.

It is difficult for the average consumer and many smart lock industry practitioners to distinguish between the stainless steel smart lock and the zinc alloy smart lock. Here, Xiaobian summed up the three methods of "one look, two strokes, three numbers" for you, and I hope to help you.

Key point 1: Because stainless steel molding is relatively difficult, the appearance is relatively simple, there is no complicated pattern, the surface is directly drawn, and the plating bubbles and particles are not seen. The zinc alloy smart lock has many styles and beautiful patterns and patterns because of its plasticity. Beautiful, the surface has obvious electroplating bubbles or particles; the stainless steel lock is more natural, delicate and delicate, and the texture is warmer than the zinc alloy, showing a beautiful texture under the illumination of the light.

Key 2: A hard object can be used on the front panel or the counter panel of the lock. The texture is hard and the inside and outside of the scratch are uniform or similar. The stainless steel smart lock; the texture is soft, and the scratch is silver white. Smart lock for zinc alloy.

Key point 3: Because the stainless steel smart lock has a hard texture, there is no positioning fulcrum on the back of the panel; and the zinc alloy smart lock panel and the smart lock need to be cast, and the material texture is soft, so the back of the panel needs 4-8 positioning support points, respectively Distributed around the perimeter and center of the panel.

Conclusion: From the above analysis, it can be seen that the stainless steel smart lock and the zinc alloy smart lock can be said to have their own advantages. From the current point of view, the stainless steel smart lock use environment is better than the zinc alloy smart lock, and the safety is higher; and the zinc alloy smart lock is fashionable and diverse in pattern, which can meet the needs of different consumers. However, in Xiaobian's view, as technology advances, the difference between the two will gradually decrease, and the gap will gradually shrink.