Comprehensive analysis of VOLIBEL smart locks for you

Feb 11, 2020

Nowadays, smart lock projects are extremely popular. VOLIBEL smart locks are in line with the booming development of biometrics in the world. We have always hoped to improve people's lifestyle through fingerprint recognition technology. At the same time, fingerprint recognition products are infinitely integrated into daily life, creating a more secure and convenient lifestyle for us . Let's learn about VOLIBEL smart locks together.


VOLIBEL safety performance

Traditional fingerprint locks often use optical fingerprint chips, which not only have a low "face value", but also have limited security for optical fingerprints. Fingerprints and other methods can be used to unlock the user's fingerprints. In addition, in terms of applicable population, traditional fingerprint locks have always had barriers to fingerprint recognition of the elderly and children, resulting in limited use of smart door locks in many homes.

In order to improve product security, VOLIBEL Smart Lock's biometric fingerprint recognition technology and fingerprint self-learning algorithm added to the concentric circle fingerprint handle can accurately identify the fingerprints of children aged 8 to 70. Considering that there are children or pets in the home, VOLIBEL smart locks are also equipped with child locks to prevent children or pets from pushing down the door to open the door. It also prevents thieves from unlocking with cat's eyelet technology.


If there is a trailing situation, VOLIBEL smart lock allows the user to automatically lock after pressing the handle down once, and repeatedly pressing the handle to unlock will no longer be effective. The 0.4-second speed unlock also allows users to enter the house quickly, preventing bad guys from following.

smart home lock

VOLIBEL advantage

VOLIBEL smart lock adopts the international top design concept, and integrates the “exquisite craftsmanship” of Germany and the advocacy of Italian design aesthetics into the product development. Strive to create the top quality of the smart fingerprint lock industry. In the technology of locks, the appearance and accessories of the products are made of selected materials, which are resistant to wear, corrosion and compression. The state-of-the-art electroplating process of the state-of-the-art smart lock makes the product unparalleled in visual and texture.


VOLIBEL Smart Lock The entire smart lock, from the lock core to the lock body, from the motor module to the fingerprint module, from the handle to each screw and even each spring, will try to choose first-class suppliers. Choose high-quality components. Assembly line.

VOLIBEL smart lock combines WeChat remote control, finger vein recognition, anti-coercion, babysitter permission setting, and brute force alarm. This function is used to scan the vein map of the middle section of the finger through infrared to unlock the lock. The false positive rate is one in a million.

The above is the related introduction about VOLIBEL smart lock. The smart door lock system developed by VOLIBEL smart lock effectively improves the security level and enjoys a high social reputation and brand recognition in the field of smart lock research and development and production.