Correct use and maintenance method of smart lock

Dec 26, 2019

Every year, VOLIBEL smart door locks introduce new products in different series. The design and development of each new product is based on research into consumer life and private details based on individual needs. In addition to continuous innovation in functional design, in order to meet the needs of different users, VOLIBEL smart door locks have also designed multiple product lines. We launched high-security non-hole smart locks, face recognition smart locks, automatic alarm locks, community home early warning security systems, smart home systems and other smart security products. Widely used in hotels, apartments, homes, office buildings and in other areas, product quality and corporate reputation are well known worldwide.

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Of course, smart fingerprint locks also need maintenance. The better you care about it, the better it will be. So how to maintain the fingerprint lock? Have a good book and remember it.

1.Fingerprint collector maintenance (fingerprint head)

There are two types of fingerprint readers: optical and semiconductor

(VOLIBEL uses the latest semiconductor fingerprint head on the market. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition module can penetrate the surface layer of the skin and only recognize a living fingerprint. High security. Basically cannot be copied.)

The semiconductor fingerprint collector needs to be careful not to scratch the surface of the collector with a sharp object, and keep the surface of the collector clean. Because the semiconductor uses the principle of capacitance or inductance, it will affect the recognition rate when the hand points out sweat and the surface of the collector is not clean. If you find it difficult to identify, please clean the fingerprint head first and check if your fingers are clean and have a lot of sweat.

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2.Lock core maintenance

Equipped with a smart lock, although we do not often use the key to open the door, some of the internal mechanical structure of the smart lock more or less involves the lock cylinder. And in an emergency, you can also use the key to open the door. When the door is opened, the key becomes stuck and cannot be inserted. Remember not to lubricate with oil, you should use graphite (can be twisted with a pencil lead) to lubricate. Because oil absorbs impurities, it can dry out and block over time. Can not be unlocked.


3.Lock Hand care

At present, smart locks on the market are mainly divided into functional handles (functions such as unlocking and locking can be achieved through the handles), and non-functional handles. Here mainly talk about functional handles. Good quality products, normal use of the handle will not cause problems. However, in actual use, the handle will inevitably hit the wall, which will cause the handle to become loose for a long time. Anti-collision silicone can be used to make the handle cushion and even force during the collision. Do not loose too early.


4.Use scene (waterproof / backlight)

VOLIBEL smart locks, like all electronic products, are moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-static, but not soaked in water. If you need to use the smart lock in the rainy outdoor, you can communicate with our staff to customize the canopy. Face recognition products cannot be used in direct sunlight. Just like a camera. The scene is unclear. With only white light, facial features cannot be accurately captured.


5.Battery care

The smart lock part uses a polymer lithium battery. When the system indicates that the battery is too low, you need to charge the battery as soon as possible. If the battery level is lower than the minimum operating voltage of the system, you cannot unlock it and activate the battery protection system. During the charging process, the charger will flash red and green lights to reactivate the battery. In such cases, you can use the power bank to unlock the emergency, you can also use the key to unlock (warm reminder: please keep a key with you or carry it outdoors).

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