Discover the secrets of cheap smart door locks on the market?

Jan 03, 2020

Why do some smart locks sell for more than $ 100, while others only sell for $ 10? Recently, with such questions, we visited several smart lock wholesalers and dismantled several smart locks for comparison. Let users understand why smart locks that are too cheap cannot be bought.

For a qualified smart lock, the $ 20 cost is not enough. However, the merchant claimed: "We sold $ 20 of smart lock and we made a profit of $ 5. We mainly use the volume as the main marketing method, a small profit, but the volume is more. If the volume is large, we can still enjoy Discount. "

Since they are wholesalers, the purchase price from the manufacturer must be lower than the wholesale price (except for some direct stores). It can be seen that most small businesses have shipped below $ 20. So how did they do it? Why is the price so low?

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1. Imitation products, low cost

During the visit, we asked a shop owner: "Why are your smart locks so cheap?"


Owner: "Look at our store, August lock, Xiaomi lock, Philips, etc., we can make whatever style you want. We have a few more locks from August and Philips, which will be available next month. We exchange phone numbers and send the renderings to you when the products come out. "


Picture shows a similar-looking imitation

Although the shop owner did not answer the question of low price directly, it indirectly explained that these products are not the original creators of the smart lock appearance, but the porters of the smart lock appearance. No R & D, so cheap.

The owner also told us: "Now consumers don't understand smart locks, as long as they look good and the price is affordable. For us small manufacturers, it is too expensive to make originals.It is not cost-effective.It is better to imitate. You sell locks The same is true, the more expensive the price is, the harder it is to sell. So our locks are very suitable for you. From this we can see that plagiarism and imitation have become open "secrets" in the industry.


Picture shows a similar-looking imitation

In the door market, with the exception of a few large brands, the remaining small brands basically do not have their own products. Therefore, smart locks for small brands and small businesses are cheaper. First, a lot of money was saved in research and development, and the product was not innovative.

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2. Cut corners. Poor quality

In order to reduce costs, some small workshops and small businesses commonly use the trick: cut corners.


Take the lock body as an example. During the visit, a shop owner said, "The locks of big brands are generally above 15 and better is better than 30. Our locks are generally only 3-5 yuan. I told customers that they are all stainless steel locks. The body is actually a half stainless steel, half iron lock body. "

A1 smart door lock 07

The picture shows the VOLIBEL stainless steel lock body

Even though the locks are cheap, they are in the door market. Smart locks with a wholesale price of 30-50, most of which do not have a lock body, need to spend additional money with the lock body to buy.

In terms of appearance treatment, the surface of the smart lock with a few hundred yuan is relatively rough and has no texture. The brand's smart lock has a more refined surface and texture (see the figure below)


On the left is a smart lock of a well-known brand. Right is imitation

After disassembling the lock, we can also see that the internal structure of the cheap smart lock, as well as the wiring and electronic version of the lock, are relatively rough (see the figure below). The famous brand of intelligent lock, whether material or layout are better than cheap smart lock. 


Left is a door lock of a well-known brand. The middle and right are imitations.

We tried to use smart locks for less than two months. The handle is hanging down and there is a problem with the fingerprint recognition. Both the non-entered fingerprint and the entered fingerprint can identify the door opening.

3.Just sell. Regardless of after sale

During the visit, it was also found that some small businesses registered dozens of brands in one go. People familiar with the matter told us: The main purpose of these companies registering so many brands is to evade responsibility. When a brand experienced after-sales problems on a large scale, it abandoned the brand and continued to sell smart locks for another brand.


Why do you do this? One reason is that the quality of cheap smart locks is difficult to meet the relevant requirements. They know this very well. Therefore, change the brand if there is a problem, so that the larger the sales volume, the more problems are detected, and the other reason is that the profit of cheap smart locks is very thin. If you have to do a good job of after sales and services, you basically have no money to earn. So it is better to re-make another brand.


In fact, they also know that cheap smart locks can only earn eyeball benefits. It is difficult to develop in the long run. But they don't want to do anything in the long run. Just make a fortune to withdraw. It doesn't matter what after sales. After you have money, you can do other business. But it is frustrating that such a mentality and such people are common in the smart lock industry.

Smart locks are about the safety of family life and property. Don't be greedy for cheap.

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