Five principles of intelligent fingerprint password lock

Sep 14, 2019

One of the main functions or goals of smart home is to improve the efficiency of users' daily family life and make life easier. As the status of fingerprint locks continues to increase, users are increasingly demanding the opening of fingerprints and passwords. A better user experience naturally becomes an important indicator of fingerprint password locks. Any electronic part of the fingerprint code lock has the possibility of error or miss the time to change the battery. Relatively speaking, the mechanical part should be stable. The mechanical key that retains the lock is used as the alternate door opening method in the home, and can be used in the electronic part of the door lock. Timely opening the door and facilitating maintenance.

So, in the purchase process, what kind of knowledge of door locks should be understood to make fingerprint locks as smart home accessory products more popular? From the user's point of view, there should be five principles.

The function of selecting a lock is to satisfy one's own needs on the one hand, and to select the quality of the lock on the other hand. A professional company often has a variety of electronic locks for users to choose. Users generally choose to use their own products: for the entrance door, divided into metal doors and wooden doors, there are user interior doors, common to wooden doors and so on.

A. It can provide multi-person fingerprints to open the door (more than one or two people in a house or office), the quality of the product should be stable and it will be good;

B. You can open the door by permission (it is impossible for the head of the household and the nanny and the cleaner to have the same opening management authority)

C. You can freely increase or decrease the fingerprint of the door. (The babysitter can easily remove her fingerprint after leaving the job.)

D. Properly bring some password functions. The touch screen button is a development trend. Under temporary circumstances, the head of the household can use the password to open the door. The common or frequent finger contact with the rough type of work is the fingerprint fingerprint lock with the large button touch function. For example, the 918 Crown series of Keyu fingerprint password locks.

E. It must be equipped with a mechanical key. This is a kind of alternate door opening method. Although the aircraft and the brakes have automatic control status, they do not retain the manual control part. This is a safety consideration. What do you think if there is a fire in the house, or if the thief has damaged the electronic part of your door lock without opening the lock? Don't covet the so-called non-porous in the psychological, but ignore the rear door, choose the kind of door lock without mechanical key, but the mechanical lock of the assembly should reach the atomic lock above the B-level anti-theft.