How to choose a reliable smart lock?

Feb 17, 2020

Recently, we found that many netizens have an additional problem during the renovation is the smart door lock. With the improvement of intelligent systems, smart locks have begun to enter people's field of vision. Smart door locks have been loved by users for their convenience and security. However, as the domestic smart door lock industry has no relevant standards to guide the production of smart door locks, there are many brands entering this industry. There are good and bad products on the market.


So, for those who really want to get started with smart door locks, what aspects should we pay attention to when buying? Where can I buy a reliable smart door lock? In order to confuse consumers, I will talk to you about these issues.

How to choose a smart door lock

For those who buy smart door locks for the first time, the main points we pay attention to in order are: practicality, price, brand, material, appearance, workmanship. Pay attention to the following three points when purchasing.


The first choice of smart door locks depends on practicality. Although smart locks are diverse, their performance is getting stronger and stronger. But it doesn't have to be more suitable for you. This is not the main condition for judging the quality of a smart lock. It also depends on the stability of fingerprint and password functions, which is not practical.

2.lock cylinder protection

When purchasing a secure smart lock, many consumers will pay attention to the security level of the lock. But often the safety protection device of the lock is ignored. No matter how high the level of the lock cylinder, as long as there is no safety protection device, it is also vulnerable to violence when unlocking. Therefore, the high-quality smart lock cylinder will have a protective cover and a built-in anti-drill bolt and anti-drilling blade. In some poor quality smart locks, this is often overlooked due to cost reasons.

3. How is the evaluation

In general, the quality and reputation of smart door locks are important. Check online. Friends around can ask. The same price. It is better to choose a more reliable big brand. Because of the big brands, both the after-sales experience and the user experience have advantages.


Where can I buy a reliable smart door lock?

Nowadays, the related technology of smart door locks has been improved. Many of the smart door locks of big brands use multi-track S-slot C-class true ferrule lock cylinders. Supports fingerprint, password, magnetic card, key, mobile phone and other unlocking methods, and also has a violent unlock alarm. Compared with ordinary door locks, the safety performance of smart door locks has been improved.

Where can we buy reliable smart door locks when we buy smart door locks? Here, I recommend that consumers go to offline physical stores as much as possible when purchasing smart door locks. If your city ’s offline home appliance store does not have smart door lock products, you can go to your chosen door lock brand flagship store or Alibaba or Amazon authorized by the company to sell. Products bought this way. Better quality.