Intelligence becomes one of the elements of future residential development

Feb 14, 2020
Intelligentization-sustainable development is the two major elements of future residential development

As the traditional industrialized society evolves into a modern information-based society, housing as a material and social phenomenon of human living and living space, the latest and future technology all show the tension of dreams. In the new century, when people's understanding of future life begins to become a social consensus, intelligent and sustainable development will gradually become two specific elements of future housing.


Intelligent housing is moving from dream to reality

For thousands of years, as people's understanding of nature has changed from awe, science fiction, and dreams into reality, people's imagination of residential technology has never stopped. Just like the "machine age" of science fiction writer Jule Verne who "exaggeratedly" reflected the will and fantasy of conquering nature and transforming the world into reality. At the "Ideal Home Show" hosted by the British "Daily Mail" in 1956, the famous designer Alison Smithson and her husband Pete Smithson designed a new concept "Future House". Today more than 50 years later has become a reality. The Smithsons believed that the door of the house could be controlled electronically and could be folded, and the small microwave transmission device (remote control) could switch on and off the TV; the microwave oven was used for cooking; the trolley for meal delivery could be heated automatically ...


In 1957, the first "Future Home" was built at Disneyland. This "future home" looks forward to family life in 1985. Demolition in 1967. In early 2008, the United States Disney Corporation, in conjunction with Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and other companies, planned to build a future house in the future world of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. And intelligence becomes the main content.

security lock

According to relevant media reports, in Asia, Microsoft and South Korean Samsung have jointly launched a future house. Many of the functions of the house can be achieved with just a few pushes of the phone button. The house's intelligent security system scans the facial features of visitors. After the identity is confirmed, the door opens automatically. Upon entering the house, a computer monitoring system will report to the owner what happened to his home while he was away. Smart chip installed in a child's phone or shoe. It can help parents understand their children's movements without going out. If you want to relax, you don't have to do it yourself. The music player system here can automatically pick out the owner's favorite music from the CD. In addition, the wall color, indoor temperature and decoration style of each room of the future house. All can be adjusted according to the requirements of family members. To maximize the needs of people's lives.


Smart home products provide a shared access center for home environments and home appliances. Realize intelligent management, remote management, centralized management and resource sharing of home environment and its equipment. With the rapid development of network technology, in the foreseeable future, in intelligent homes, broadband computers will connect home computers, televisions, home appliances, security systems, etc. into an autonomous control, expansion, enjoyment of work, learning A comprehensive information service platform for entertainment families.


In Guangzhou, from the early application of intelligent security technology, integrated smart home systems began to appear. The digital home is also gradually moving towards reality based on the development of digital television networks based on the Lingnan model. In the Huabiao Pinfeng project on the Binjiang Road in Guangzhou, the developer united world-renowned companies such as Honeywell and Hitachi Elevator, and reserved many ports for the continuously developing network technology in an open integration mode. And in energy saving, intelligent security, etc., we are committed to creating a new type of home with future technology integration.