Smart door lock application for public rental short-term rental apartments

Sep 06, 2019

1. When the household forgets to bring or lose the door card, the management personnel can use the system to send a one-time password to open the door, and authorize the opening and ending time period to save the trouble of manually sending the door card;

2. In front of the house to see the house, no need to lead manually, the management personnel can remotely control the switch door through the system, saving a lot of labor costs;

3. Cluster management: different areas, using the network lock management system, rational management of decentralized properties or landlords, statistics on rented and unrented houses, real-time view of housing dynamics;

4. The system can view the occupied houses, unoccupied houses online, display the house number, and arrange the rental of the house according to the actual situation. Count the number of unrented homes in all jurisdictions;

5. In case of illegal unlocking, the door lock automatically returns information to the system, or enters the criminal information into the system in advance. When the criminal is in the jurisdiction, the system automatically prompts and can be associated with the public security machine;

6. Check the entry and exit records of the designated houses, including the door opening method, name, ID card number, etc. used by the accessor, which can be displayed correspondingly to facilitate the crisis situation. The detailed records of the entry and exit personnel can be checked through the system.