Smart door lock application for the second landlord rental house

Sep 05, 2019

1. The ID card is authorized to unlock, the lease time period is controlled, and intelligent unmanned management is realized;

2. Remotely collect and report information on renters, exempt from rounds, and master the basic and mobile information of renters;

3. Before renting a house, there is no need to lead by hand. The second landlord can remotely control the door lock switch, eliminating the need to look at the house;

4. When the household forgets to bring or lose the door card, the landlord can use the system to send a one-time password to unlock, authorize the opening time period, and save the trouble of manually sending the door card;

5. System supervision of rent, water and electricity charges. If the payment is overdue, the household shall be informed by SMS to lock the door lock automatically; if the fee is received, the door lock will resume normal use;