Smart lock daily maintenance

Sep 20, 2019

1. The installation operation must be correct. When installing, the handle and the panel are prohibited from using paper or tape. Do not install the lock when the paint on the door is not dry. Otherwise, the lock will be oxidized or fading.

2. Please do not use the cabinet lock in a place exposed to direct sunlight, and pay attention to waterproof and dustproof.

3. Keep your fingers clean during the use of the lock.

4. The door lock has been initialized at the factory. Enter the default factory password in this state to open the door. Please make the administrator's settings in time to make the factory password invalid and ensure the safety of the door lock.

5. The smart lock has a voltage detection function. When the battery voltage is lower than the alarm value, a corresponding alarm sound will be sent each time the door is opened. Please promptly replace the battery after the cabinet lock alarm. Due to the different capacity and discharge characteristics of different batteries, the number of times the battery can reliably open the door after the door lock alarm is uncertain. In the worst case, the cabinet lock may not be alarmed but the opening of the door is unreliable, in order to avoid this situation. It is recommended to use an alkaline battery of better quality.

6. When the door lock is cleaned, please do not use a wet towel to wipe it, or wash it with water. The battery should be replaced regularly. The battery used for the sauna door lock must be an alkaline battery.

7. Please do not use corrosive substances to clean the door lock panel, so as not to damage the lock panel protection layer or damage the door lock components.