Smart lock VS mechanical lock! Which is safer?

Jan 16, 2020

Safety is essential for both smart locks and mechanical locks. Because it concerns the safety of users' lives and property. So, in terms of security, is a mechanical lock or a smart lock better?

Compared to the past, most consumers believe that smart locks can unlock fake fingerprints, IC cards can be copied, and are also vulnerable to hackers, so smart locks are not as secure as mechanical locks. Is this really the case?


1.Hardware comparison: the two are fairly equal

In terms of hardware, the key factor that currently determines the safety of mechanical locks is the lock cylinder. At present, the highest security level is the C-level lock cylinder. Consumers are fully aware of this. So everyone knows that you must choose a C-level lock cylinder when changing locks and installing locks.


The smart lock is actually an upgrade based on a mechanical lock. There are also lock cores and lock bodies, as well as components such as panels and handles. The difference is that the smart lock has a lot of electronic hardware, such as a biometric module, a main control chip, and a circuit board.


Since it is similar to mechanical locks in terms of traditional hardware. Then the mechanical safety of smart locks should be equal to that of mechanical locks. Because mechanical locks can use C-level lock cylinders, smart locks can also use C-level lock cylinders; mechanical locks can also use stainless steel lock bodies, and smart locks can also be used. In terms of panels, the strength and hardness are not too large. difference.


Therefore, both the smart lock and the mechanical lock face the hidden safety hazards of the technology and violence. But in the thief's crime, technical unlocking was their first priority. Because technical unlocking has less damage to the lock and less movement, it is the lowest cost and fastest method. Both smart locks and mechanical locks can use C-level lock cylinders. Therefore, in terms of the opening of defense technology, it can be said that the fanfare is equal.


And the violence started because there was a lot of movement. Need to break locks or doors. And it is easy to be discovered by neighbors. Therefore, whether it is a mechanical lock or a smart lock, it is not the best cracking method for thieves.


2.Software comparison: Smart lock wins

With the development of smart homes and the Internet of Things, today's smart locks have achieved linkage and docking with mobile phones. Therefore, smart locks can have new extensions in terms of security.


Such as anti-prying, anti-technology alarm. Networked smart locks can interact with remote terminals for unlocking information online. Smart locks should be able to upload information such as error alarms, tamper alarms and event records generated on the body to the remote terminal.


In addition, it includes trial and error alarms for identification methods such as digital keys, PIN keys, and biometric keys. The standard requires that when the number of consecutive incorrect entries reaches the number specified in the manufacturer's document within five minutes (range of times: 1-5), the smart lock should be able to give an alarm prompt and / or issue an alarm message. At the same time, it automatically enters the invalid input state. And the invalid input state should last at least 90s.


It can be seen that the security of smart locks is not only comparable to that of mechanical locks in terms of hardware. And because the smart lock can realize local and remote alarms, it has an extra layer of protection in terms of security than the mechanical lock.


3.Expandability: Smart locks can also win

As a part of smart home and smart security, smart locks actually have many extensions. For example, it can be linked with smart home appliances such as smart appliances, smart audio and video, and smart curtains. Bring smart scenarios such as automatic door lighting, automatic opening of curtains and background music to users.


In terms of security, smart locks can also be linked with security products such as smart cat eyes, smart video doorbells, and cameras. When a criminal stays at the door for a long time, he can take a video or picture of his actions and send it to the user's phone.


In addition to linkage with other security products, many smart locks with cat eyes and visual functions have appeared. This lock can not only arm the doorway, but also allow remote video calls. Remotely yell at criminals who intend to open or destroy the locks, in order to act as a deterrent.


In summary, mechanical locks are still at the level of passive anti-theft. And most smart locks have been upgraded to the level of active anti-theft.


4.Question: fingerprints and IC cards are easily copied?

Recently, negative news such as fake fingerprint unlocking and IC card easy to be copied overwhelmed, causing huge panic to many users. But in fact it is not so scary.


First look at the problem of fake fingerprint unlocking. Most news reports say that fingerprints copied and extracted can be unlocked. But in fact, the extraction and copying of fake fingerprints is simply not a condition that ordinary thieves can do. Retrieving the fingerprints left on the lock can only be done by professional institutions. And most of them can be done in the laboratory. The thief had no conditions to extract. In other words, if a thief has this ability, why risk a thief.


Make silicone fingerprints. If the user does not cooperate, how does the thief get the user's fingerprint film? Besides, it takes at least 10-20 minutes to make a silicone fingerprint film. And not necessarily successful. Therefore, it is not only extremely difficult to obtain a user's fingerprint by making a silicone fingerprint film to unlock. And the production process is complicated and time-consuming, so it is not the preferred method of crime for thieves.


Let's see that the IC card has been copied. For the moment, most smart lock IC cards do get copied. But imagine that mechanical keys can also be configured. In order to prevent key loss, most users choose to equip with a key. This is the same as the IC card copy. If the IC card cannot be copied, it can only be solved by the merchant. Therefore, copying an IC card is the same as configuring a key. If you feel insecure, you can also choose an encryption card.


Question about hacking. The network is not absolutely secure, as long as the connected devices are vulnerable to attack. Smart locks are no exception, but most of the cloud services currently used by smart locks are provided by Ali, Tencent, JD. Besides, the average thief may not have the ability to be a hacker.

However, when buying smart locks, users must try to choose a big brand or a well-known brand, and also look at the reputation of this brand. Smart locks like our VOLIBEL are great. And we have a professional R & D team that can help you in time if you have any problems.