Teach you how to care for a door lock and make it last longer.

Feb 26, 2020

During the Spring Festival, many consumers went home from outside the Chinese New Year. In the meantime, everyone will inevitably go out to visit relatives and friends. If the door locks in the home are too rude, they may leave opportunities for thieves. In order to feel more at ease during the Spring Festival, many young consumers replaced ordinary door locks at home with smart door locks.


So the question is, how do we take care of smart door locks every day? In order to solve this problem, I have compiled some daily care common sense of users and netizens. I feel more useful, so share it with everyone. Friends in need may wish to take a look.

Clean the door lock regularly

Although the lock body of the smart lock is very sturdy, even the hardest steel is also afraid of corrosion. Be careful not to use corrosive cleaners when wiping the smart lock. Also, do not clean the ball with steel wire, otherwise the surface coating may be scratched. As a result, the lock body is easily rusted.

Most smart door locks support fingerprint recognition. We also need to take care of the fingerprint recognition module every day. The dirt on the fingerprint sensor used for a long time may affect the sensitivity of opening and closing the door lock. Wipe gently with a dry, soft cloth. Anti-scratch fingerprint sensor. Avoid affecting the sensitivity of fingerprint entry.

At the same time, during use, care should be taken to avoid using dirty or wet hands as much as possible. If you are out for a long time or during the rainy season, remember to replace the battery with a new one to prevent the battery fluid from corroding the internal circuit.

Don't use locks violently

For smart door locks, the handle is a key part of opening and closing the door. Its flexibility directly affects the use of fingerprint locks. Avoid using it vigorously during normal use. Don't let children play. Do not force the door when you open or close it. In addition, the LCD screen of the smart door lock cannot be pressed or struck vigorously. Do not scratch with hard or sharp objects.

The fingerprint identification module of the smart door lock is a very sensitive electronic device and should be used correctly. Many fingerprint locks can be identified by lightly gripping the handle. When the recognition is successful, the door can be opened by gently pressing down the handle. Avoid repeated vigorous pulling.

Find a professional

The internal structure of a smart door lock is much more complicated than a traditional mechanical lock. When installing or repairing, be sure to give it to a professional installer. Make sure that the space between the door and the door frame, the lock body and the door panel is reasonable, so as not to cause mismatch between the parts.

The warranty period of the smart door lock is generally 3 years. If a failure occurs during this period, an after-sale master can be invited to repair it for free. In daily maintenance, in addition to the correct operation of smart door locks, users should regularly check the electronic lock core, anti-theft lock body, clutch, handle and other key transmission components of the smart lock. In order to ensure that the smart lock maintains a good technical state to ensure family safety.

Replace the battery in time

Today, due to technical and cost reasons, most of the batteries used in smart door locks have a limited life. So this requires the user to regularly check the power consumption of the battery (not more than half a year). To extend the service life, it is recommended to use high quality alkaline batteries.

Pay attention to battery leakage and corrode the smart lock if you go out for a long time or in a humid or sultry season. If you find that the battery is low or leaking, replace it with a new one immediately. Also do not mix new and old batteries.

In terms of smart door locks for daily care. If we maintain good usage habits, do not operate the smart lock arbitrarily and at will, do not hang heavy objects on the door handle. Doing these details can also take care of your own door lock.

I hope the above four points can help you who are using smart door locks.