Test community security, smart door locks are more reliable than mechanical locks

Sep 07, 2019

Whether it is a mechanical lock or a smart electronic door lock, security must be the core. Although some new community smart door locks in some cities are already standard, most consumers are cautious and wait-and-see attitude towards such new types of door locks. They want to buy but worry about their safety. On the one hand, they are smart door security. Sexual skepticism, on the other hand, but the intelligent door lock technology and quality, in fact, is mainly the surrounding security environment, so that the owners worry about whether there will be "anti-thief can not be a thief."

Compared with traditional mechanical door locks, consumers feel that smart door locks are only different in the way they are unlocked. The former is through the physical key, the latter is through fingerprints, passwords, mobile phones or cards; the core of security lies in the lock body and not the way to trigger the unlock.

Fingerprint unlocking - fingerprints are difficult to copy and must be recognized for living. If strangers want to enter your home through fingerprint recognition, it is a fantasy. It is absolutely impossible for a bridge that steals fingerprints in a movie to not happen to you.

Password unlocking - password unlocking has anti-peeping function, 12-digit keyboard will automatically float 2~3 random numbers (random number + password), then enter your password; the other is virtual password mode, free to enter a string The number can be successfully unlocked as long as the number string contains a password (***+password+***). On the one hand, it prevents people passing by from seeing the numbers you enter, and on the other hand prevents certain numbers on the keyboard from fixing fingerprints.

Mobile app and card - The role of the mobile app and the card plays the key. First, pair it with the lock. Unless your phone or card is lost, you can't unlock it. According to the regulations of the relevant domestic departments, the smart door locks listed in China must retain the physical key, that is, the smart door lock retains the traditional unlocking method of the original mechanical lock. In fact, from this point of view, the part of the door lock upgrade relies on the motor to trigger the door opening. And triggering the motor to run is a fingerprint, password or other means.