The factory teaches you how to choose a suitable fingerprint lock

Dec 27, 2019

With years of technology accumulation and continuous improvement, the function development of fingerprint locks has become more mature. Fingerprints, passwords, emergency keys, cards and even mobile phones can unlock door locks. More and more families choose fingerprint locks when choosing door locks. However, after decades of development of fingerprint locks, new fingerprint lock brands are constantly emerging. How to choose a fingerprint lock has become difficult for consumers. When buying a fingerprint lock, you should generally pay attention to the four factors of "price, material, function, and appearance."


  1. Reasonable price

A more intuitive manifestation of a good fingerprint lock is its price. Of course, this does not mean that the more expensive the lock, the better the quality. Because the entire fingerprint lock contains many technological systems. Is a high-tech electronic product. It is normal that the price is higher than traditional door locks; secondly, the price of fingerprint locks is closely related to its functional materials. In the early days, the price of fingerprint locks made of good materials and good technology will not be low. With the advancement and simplification of technology, the price will not be too high. Therefore, with regard to the price of the fingerprint lock, it is difficult to have a certain price index. However, by understanding the fingerprint locks of many different brands on the market, we can choose inexpensive fingerprint lock products.


2. High-quality materials
The material of the fingerprint lock is also a major factor to consider in the purchase. Fingerprint locks made of different materials have different functions. For example, the lock body made of stainless steel is known for its sturdiness and wear resistance. With anti-collision, anti-prying, anti-saw features. Door locks made of aluminum alloy have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Able to adapt to a variety of different environments.

3. Reliable function
No matter how the times change, the function of the lock is always the same, that is, security. The same goes for fingerprint locks. No matter how many additional functions are added, its security function cannot be ignored. Only with sufficient safety features can consumers give ample sense of security. No less than the title of home security guard with fingerprint lock. However, it should be noted that the various functions are not important, and the effective functions can provide consumers with a sufficient sense of security. For example, VOLIBEL smart locks have no fancy features, and some are safe and reliable security system settings. In particular, its settings for remotely receiving mobile phone alarm messages allow consumers to accurately and timely understand the situation of their homes. Keep your home safe.