What door can be equipped with a smart lock?

Sep 08, 2019

Most of the friends installed the smart door lock on the wooden door, and some friends chose to install the smart lock on the security door. Of course, the idea that the glass door also wants to install the electronic lock is not excluded.

The installation of the smart door lock is destructive, that is, the original mechanical lock is removed and cut according to the existing lock body, which is convenient for fixing and installation. The security door thickness is also the door body that fits the smart door lock, followed by the wooden door. Due to the limited thickness, the relevant data (subsequent detailed introduction) must be informed to the merchant. Most of the wooden doors do not support the heaven and earth lock, so there is a need for this. Friends need to spend more time looking for it.

The glass door is thin in three doors and it is also difficult to construct. Therefore, many brands do not produce smart door locks for glass doors. According to the needs of the public, the security door is equipped with smart door locks, which are more optional.