Which smart door lock is good? The selection of smart locks for long-term rental apartments depends on four aspects

Mar 10, 2020

As the owner of a long-term rental apartment, do you worry about the security of traditional door locks every time you change tenants? I want to choose a smart door lock, but I do n’t know which one is better?

In the age of the Internet of Things, various new functions of smart door locks far exceed the traditional door locks. Especially for the replacement of smart door locks in long-term rental apartments, not only the safety and convenience are greatly improved. At the same time, it also solved the difficulty of renting the apartment owner.

smart home lock

In terms of security, the keys used in traditional door locks can be reconfigured anywhere. Tenants in rental apartments change more frequently than their homes. No one can guarantee that the previous tenant did not keep the keys. This poses hidden dangers to the personal and property safety of current renters. Once theft occurs, as the owner of the apartment not only needs compensation, it also greatly affects the reputation of the apartment. If the door lock is changed every time the tenant is changed, although the security problem is solved, the operating cost will undoubtedly increase. With smart door locks, this problem is well solved.


For convenience, apartment tenants can sign directly on the system. After paying the rent online, the system will send the door lock password. Tenants can move in directly. This will not affect check-in even if the boss is not in the apartment. It saves time and energy for both the tenant and the owner.

From the perspective of assisting rent collection, the most annoying thing about apartment owners is the overdue rent. The building operation system automatically records the lease time and payment status of the tenants. If it is overdue, the system will automatically restrict the tenant's access rights, prompting the tenant to pay the rent.


So how to choose a smart door lock?

There are many types of smart door locks on the market. As the owner of a long-term rental apartment, choose smart door locks, mainly through four aspects:

1. Is there a software system? Ordinary smart door locks can only solve the problem of entry methods. Software + hardware intelligent door lock can realize the above functions.

2. Whether the system is suitable for leased buildings. The VOLIBEL intelligent door lock system combines more than ten years of actual building operation experience. Developed for the management of rental buildings. Fully functional and practical. It is the best choice for apartment to choose smart door lock.

3. Whether the after-sales service is perfect. If the later use encounters problems or accidental damage involves maintenance, as the manufacturer can provide timely and thoughtful service.

4. Finally choose from the price. Intelligent door locks guarantee the quality of the hardware while the price is not high, and the use of software systems is lower than the average market price.

The above 4 points can completely solve the "what kind of smart door lock is good" of the apartment owner. Choosing a good set of smart door locks can make your business more peace of mind and effort.