Which type of person is more suitable for smart door locks?

Sep 09, 2019

You go out and dump the garbage, but a gust of wind blows you to lock it out. The emergence of smart door locks is convenient for people to travel. For example, the elderly often forget to bring keys. With smart door locks, they can enter the door through fingerprint recognition. If the parents or guests suddenly visit and you have not arrived home, then the mobile phone is unlocked remotely. Good hospitality.

The advantage of smart door locks - people with independent housing can buy smart door locks with confidence. For landlords, renting houses is more suitable for installing smart door locks. The human finger "living key" not only facilitates the landlord to manage personnel, but also does not have to worry about the possibility of the previous batch of tenants having "copying" the keys. In other words, the smart lock is suitable for all people!