Why are smart locks so expensive but selling well?

Feb 28, 2020

Smart locks can be said to be the hottest single item in smart homes today, and many ordinary users will ask why they are so expensive. What's so bad about using traditional mechanical locks? Is it silly to buy a smart lock?


Common household mechanical locks

In fact, compared with mechanical locks, smart locks are actually more secure. This is an important reason to attract many people to buy. Some people just think that smart door locks are exposed to the outside, making it easier for thieves to sneak in. In fact, little known is that in addition to fingerprints, passwords and mechanical keys, many smart locks have more different authentication methods. These verification methods provide more operable space and are more secure for families.

For example, most smart locks use "1 + 1" for two-factor authentication. Enter the password for verification after fingerprint verification. Both verifications are passed to unlock the door smoothly. Some smart locks even restrict the order of verification. For example, you must first fingerprint and then password, you cannot first password and then fingerprint. In this way, the order of verification methods is a problem for people who want to crack the door lock.

smart home lock

Smart door locks are more secure

Example of the door opening method of “Fingerprint + Password + Key” with the least door opening method: The key must have the highest authority, so it cannot participate in “two-factor authentication”. The remaining two verification methods can be combined into four combinations: "fingerprint + fingerprint", "fingerprint + password", "password + fingerprint", and "password + password".

Passwords are usually kept in mind. Unless you speak it out, others wo n’t know it, and the password is more secure than your fingerprint for this reason. The fingerprint is image information, and the method and password for obtaining it will be different. So the superposition of the two will have a complementary effect. This verification method leaves thieves out of the way. No doubt more secure than traditional mechanical locks.

At present, the market price of smart door locks has dropped a lot compared with previous years. Would you buy such a guardian?