Why is it popular to install smart locks in renovating houses now?

Mar 15, 2021

With the development of the economy, the income of residents continues to increase, and more and more people have bought houses and have their own nests. Many residents will renovate the new house before moving into the new house to transform the living environment into the style they like.

So, do I need to change the door lock for entry? It is recommended to replace it.

Hidden dangers of property keys

The key to the door lock of the new house is issued by the property. At present, the key of the commercial house generally uses the AB lock. The so-called AB lock means that one lock core is equipped with two sets of keys.

There are generally two keys A (also called decoration keys), which are used by the decoration master during decoration; keys B (also called household head keys), usually five or six, are used by the head of the household.

Before the renovation, the householder's B key has not been activated yet, and the structure of the lock cylinder is consistent with the A key.

When the decoration is completed, the head of the household only needs to insert the B key into the lock cylinder and rotate it 360 degrees, the marbles in the lock cylinder will fall down, and the A key will become invalid. At this time, the structure of the lock cylinder is consistent with the B key, and the A key cannot be used.

The reason why the A key of the anti-theft door lock will fail under the action of the B key is mainly because the two keyholes and teeth are different.

That is to say, the A and B keys originate from the same female lock. The difference is only in the position of a few marbles. Professionals can match the decoration key with a household key to easily open your home.

Therefore, for the safety of the family, it is recommended to replace with a new lock. So, what kind of lock is safe and can meet your daily needs? Of course, it is the hottest smart door lock.


Why should I switch to a smart lock?

1. High security

The protective ability of the lock cylinder affects the security of the entire lock. Now the smart lock cylinders of the major brands on the market use C-level lock cylinders. The anti-technique unlocking has reached more than 270 minutes. It is impossible for the average thief to be so patient. The tongue part of the smart lock also has multiple safety designs, which can effectively prevent violent damage. The smart lock will sound an alarm when it encounters violent damage, disturbing the thief's mind and causing him great psychological pressure.

Because smart locks have more electronic parts than traditional mechanical locks, the safety of the electronic parts is also very important. The most commonly used method for unlocking smart locks is fingerprint unlocking. Because fingerprints are unique, each person’s fingerprints are different. It is used for unlocking and has high security.

Nowadays, many communities are open. Professional thieves can easily get in and commit crimes. Traditional mechanical locks have poor protection capabilities. The high protection capabilities of smart locks can effectively block external dangers.


2. More convenient than mechanical lock

The reason why smart locks are becoming more and more popular is that smart locks can solve the pain points of consumers and greatly facilitate the lives of consumers.

First, you don't need to bring a key. On January 28, 2019, the Shell Research Institute released the "2018 National Home Buyers Survey Report". According to data, the average age of home buyers in 2018 was 29.5 years old.

It can be seen that young post-90s have gradually become the main group of buyers, and with the popularization of mobile payment, mobile phones, wallets, and keys that young people must bring when they go out have gradually become mobile phones and keys. At this time, bringing the key has become a pain point for young people. Sometimes when they go to work in a hurry, they even forget to bring the key.

Old people generally have poor memory. If there are old people in the house, they often forget to bring their keys. After installing the smart lock, the old people can use their fingerprints to unlock them when they go home, and they don’t have to call you to go home and open the door.

Second, make life more convenient. Smart locks can not only solve the pain point of forgetting to bring the key, but also greatly facilitate our lives. For example: when you are holding a child or a large package in your hand, you don't need to turn over and over to find the key; when you are a temporary visitor at home, you can remotely issue a temporary password, and you don't have to rush back. The information that the family members open the door lock can also be sent to the mobile phone, so there is no need to worry about the safety of the family members.

And now the price of smart locks is gradually decreasing. You can buy smart locks with a good price-performance ratio around $70. Spending $70 to protect the safety of your home is a very worthwhile investment.


So, at what stage is the smart lock installed best?

Choose the timing of installation

The installation of smart locks is recommended when the new home renovation is about to end. First of all, there are frequent entry and exit during decoration, and there are many people, so it is impossible to enter fingerprints for everyone. In addition, there are a lot of stains such as dust and paint during decoration. Workers usually stick a lot of stains on their hands, which will affect the success rate of fingerprint recognition. If a password is used, all workers must remember the password. This is for temporary workers. In other words, it will cause a burden.

In summary, when the new home is being renovated, it is recommended to replace it with a smart lock with higher security performance. Smart locks not only have higher security protection capabilities than mechanical locks, but can also sound an alarm when violent damage occurs, and can drive thieves away. Moreover, smart locks can greatly facilitate our lives. There is no need to think about whether you have a key or not, and you don’t have to rush back when you come home.