Why must the smart lock be equipped with a peep hole anti-unlock device?

Feb 20, 2020

In recent years, the number of illegal burglaries through peep hole unlocked rooms has increased year by year. Why is this happening? First, the peep hole unlocking tool is simple to make, can be made by yourself, and can be easily purchased from the Internet. Second, the peep hole unlocking technology is simple and easy to learn. Just destroy the cat eye tool and get into the door to unlock, and it takes a short time. , Unlocking can be completed as fast as ten seconds.


So, what is peep hole unlocking? In fact, the criminals use special peep hole-like tools like `` manipulators '' to open the room and push down the handle to unlock. But when buying an anti-theft door, most users only pay attention to how thick, strong, how many lock points, and the level and security of the lock, but ignore one of the weakest links of the door-peep hole.


Moreover, the news of burglary through peep hole unlocking in recent years is also shocking.


So why are such cases constantly banned? There are several main reasons: First, the original peep hole of the security door is too fragile and no peep hole protective device is installed; Second, most locks do not have anti-peep hole unlocking or automatic locking functions; Third, users forget to leave Anti-lock.

From the current point of view, not only the mechanical lock's ability to prevent anti-unlocking is very weak, but also the ability of the smart lock to prevent anti-unlocking. At present, more than 80% of smart locks are locked by lifting the outdoor handle, and the door can be opened by pressing down on the indoor handle. Therefore, for the peep hole without any protection, the peep hole tool can be easily opened with the tool.


Of course, at present, many companies also consider the anti-unlock function from the perspective of security. The most common method is to add a button to the indoor handle (see the figure below). When opening the door, you must press this button before pressing the handle to open the door.


The biggest advantage of this design is that without the peep hole unlock button, when the peep hole unlock tool touches the indoor handle, the handle is always in a free state, which not only blocks the thief ’s access to the burglary, but also It can prevent young children from opening their doors without the attention of their parents. In addition, the loss of many pets has a great relationship with the lack of anti-peep hole opening devices.


Therefore, starting from the safety of users' personal and property, it is the company's conscience to install smart locks with anti-peep hole opening devices. Although such a small function will increase the cost of the smart lock to a certain extent, if there is no such function and the user suffers losses, what is the social responsibility of the company?