Will face recognition smart door locks become a development trend in the era of intelligence?

Mar 15, 2021

In recent years, as various companies pursue differentiated development, new functions and technologies such as visual peephole and 3D face recognition have gradually been applied in the smart lock industry. Really improve the efficiency and convenience of our lives.

According to data analysis of several major domestic e-commerce platforms in the industry, face recognition smart locks may account for about 20-30% of the market share in the future. And because the unit price of face recognition smart locks is far higher than other smart lock categories, the profit margin is even greater.

It can be seen that face recognition and visual smart locks will be regarded as important trends for mid-range smart locks by brands in the next few years.


In the past 2020, many smart lock manufacturers have already developed or introduced full-action contact 3D face recognition smart locks, visible peepholes (which can be integrated on the lock), full-action intelligence, from the realization of households going home, The door lock automatically unlocks and opens the door through face recognition. There is also a visual peephole function, which brings a whole set of visible and real contact opening experience to the households.

In a situation where the internal logic of smart door lock products is perfect and the external demand is expanding, the trend of smart consumption is also expanding. For intelligent terminal products, positive changes in industrial policies and consumer behavior have become the driving factors for the large-scale growth of the industry.


According to national big data analysis, consumers have shown rapid development trends in many industries and markets. With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumer demand for products is no longer limited to meeting daily needs, but has begun to focus on consumer taste. Product price is no longer a key determinant, but the pursuit of intelligent life enjoyment to create a better life experience.

Correspondingly, the freedom and space of choice for smart lock products in our country have also reached unprecedented heights. Residents' consumption structure is quietly changing, and commodities that dominate the market have their own characteristics, high-quality, and new attributes.

For the smart lock industry, only by continuously improving product quality, increasing added value, and satisfying consumers’ effective demand for high quality, can they win great prospects in the process of transformation and upgrading of the consumption structure