Will fingerprint locks really steal fingerprints?

Dec 23, 2019

Volibel fingerprint locks use semiconductor biometric technology. I believe many people will ask: What is biometric technology?

Biometric technology is a technology used to uniquely identify a specific person. It is mainly used for personal, corporate and bank funds protection security systems.

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Volibel biometric recognition system is a system that stores human biometric fingerprints into the system. When someone tries to open the door using a fingerprint, the bio-fingerprint system compares the stored bio-fingerprint data with the fingerprint of the person who is currently trying to open the door. If the fingerprints match, the person can successfully unlock the door.

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Fingerprint thefts often occur in movies. Hackers have said that if you only take pictures of your fingers, you can unlock your iPhone. In fact, the fingerprints of smart fingerprint locks are not so easy to steal, and the widespread use of smart fingerprint locks is proof.

fingerprint smart door lock

You can rest assured that vilibel's powerful biometric system is physiological. Must be a live fingerprint to be recognized. Unlocking with a piece of paper is unrealistic.

Fingerprint input is not only fingerprints: whether it is a time attendance machine or a fingerprint lock, as long as it is a fingerprint input, the process never allows the fingerprint to be entered once, because the fingerprint input process is actually the fingerprint of the program. One entry is not enough to form objective and valid applicable data. At the same time, fingerprints are not easily stolen.

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Some people may ask: Will the input fingerprint not be unlocked over time?

A good biometric system will only consider a person's unique and permanent characteristics. Over time, the "permanent" nature will only change very slowly. For example, unless there is an accident or surgery, an adult's hand should look essentially the same for five years. The Volibel fingerprint lock is a lock that can be identified the faster it is used. Every time you enter the fingerprint you want to unlock, the chip automatically recognizes the updated data. Biometric technology is more accurate and reliable than ordinary identification technology, making it one of the best ways to protect important information and assets.

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