Will it be easier to recruit a fingerprint lock when installing a fingerprint lock?

Sep 15, 2019

There is such a normal consideration, the so-called gun-headed bird, but everything goes in this direction, life is no fun. Generally, burglary, most of them will not choose complex and difficult locks. Generally, the thief will give up after more than 1 minute of unlocking. He is more timid than us. This kind of worry is to scare yourself. Generally, thieves visit your home. You can steal it without using a fingerprint lock. But the advantage of using a fingerprint lock is that the thief is more difficult to open. The general mechanical lock is easy to open, but the fingerprint lock is easy. It takes a lot of time to open it. If you really want to steal it, you can only choose to climb the window. The difficulty is too high. The thief also needs to calculate the time cost and the risk factor.

From the point of view of function use, the fingerprint lock application is fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, card unlocking, mechanical unlocking, including these four categories, and then the appearance is different, however, the quick opening tool can only put one in less than 1 minute. A tool that opens the security door lock. But this tool is just fast. It is not guaranteed to be 100% successful in 1-10 minutes (take a chance to unlock the air). Therefore, the current thieves are basically holding this kind of tool, sweeping the type of stealing, with a fingerprint lock of the super B-class lock core, the security performance is very secure, so that the value of the fingerprint lock is improved a lot, in the thief In the case of stealing street-style stealing, you can avoid loss.

With the Internet hot words such as Internet+, big data, O2O, etc., the era of the big explosion of intelligent network has come. Fingerprint locks, in China, enter the family market is not a very long time, but the market share in Europe and the United States has reached 50%, has reached 80% in South Korea. For the accumulation of technology, domestic brands are advancing rapidly. At present, there are many brands of fingerprint locks in China, and there are only a handful of companies with a certain scale and names.

People are inert and habitual, thieves also like to do business work, while having mechanical locks and fingerprint locks, definitely choose mechanical locks. Now more and more consumers, the purchase of fingerprint locks are the preferred domestic brands, because many users reflect the purchase of a foreign brand seems to regret, plastic panels, a fake mortise lock is added behind the panel, so what is safe? ? Keyu, which has done a good job in China, has a 5A-class high-intensity drill-sensing touch-sensing screen for its fingerprint locks. It is a smart touch-sensitive experience like a smart phone. It does not leave finger marks. The door lock uses manganese steel. It is made of high-manganese steel. The anti-impact cover inner sleeve and the stainless steel precision cast steel plate act as fastening to prevent external violence from impacting the internal structure.

The basic purpose of manufacturing a fingerprint lock is to solve the problem that the key of the ordinary mechanical bullet lock is low, the mutual opening rate is high, and the thief is prevented from using the master key to perform technical unlocking performance, thereby improving the safety performance of the lock.

If the fingerprint lock requires an ordinary mechanical bullet lock as an emergency lock for the fingerprint lock, then this becomes the police to ask the thief to help stand up, and all security is impossible to talk about. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that consumers still prefer fingerprint locks, guard their families, and live forever! !