With so many smart lock features, how do we choose?

Jan 07, 2020

How many functions of the smart lock. Isn't the more features the better? Obviously the answer is definitely no. As advocates of rational consumption, we have always encouraged everyone to make choices as needed. Because no matter what kind of product, within a limited budget, you can buy a product that really suits you and has better quality. That is our ultimate goal.


1. Fingerprint unlocking

Advantages: Convenience and speed are at the core of smart locks. In the current smart lock market, the most important way to open is the fingerprint. The advantages of fingerprint unlocking are: security, uniqueness, portability, and fastness. The first three are well understood, and here is a quick explanation of speed. In contrast to other methods of opening, fingerprinting is actually the method that requires the least steps and the least time.

Disadvantages: It should be noted that some people are easily affected by fingerprint wear and lightness. The fingerprint unlocking experience is not very good. The most obvious groups are children and the elderly. Children's fingerprints are usually mature when we think they should be 10 or even 12 years old. Before that, some fingerprints may not be sensitive. In older people, fingerprints are particularly worn because some people work more manually when they are young. Therefore, there are cases where fingerprint recognition is not sensitive or cannot be recognized.

Another is that fingerprints are one of the ways to open doors in smart locks that are affected by climate issues. Here mainly refers to the capacitive living fingerprint module. When the temperature is low, the recognition will decrease slightly, especially in the late autumn and early winter. But it is normal.

Applicable people: all people whose fingerprints can be used normally.


2, Password unlock

Advantages: Anyone can use it, with higher safety performance.

Cons: Requires memory. It is also possible for the elderly to forget. In addition, there is a risk of leakage of passwords for children, which needs to be noted.

Applicable people: all people


3. Card unlock:

Pros: Anyone can use it. If lost, you can delete the card separately. More convenient than mechanical keys.

Be sure: You need to bring. The greatest convenience as a smart lock is that you do not need to bring a key, but it is also inconvenient to carry a card alone.

Applicable people: There are other scenarios in the home where you must carry a card to go out, such as an access card, employee card, parking card, senior card, etc. Because if the residential access card is written into the door lock at the same time, it becomes extremely convenient as a door lock opening method.


4.Bluetooth unlock

Advantages: easy to set up, note that the advantage is that it is easy to set up, not to open the door. Because the way of setting the door lock itself is limited to non-touch screen devices. Mainly set by voice menu. Some functions such as password effective time management, channel lock mode setting, high security mode, etc., whether it is canceled or set, are tedious when setting on the lock body. After adopting the Bluetooth control of the mobile phone, the convenience has been greatly improved.

At the same time, a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock usually has another convenient function that is the upgrade of the smart lock system. Responsible manufacturers often collect usage data on smart lock products whose functions are similar to digital products. Optimize the system from time to time. Improve the experience of using the entire lock. Enables optimizations such as reduced power consumption.

Disadvantages: The function of Bluetooth unlocking itself is very low, so it is an unnecessary function. Usually with the Bluetooth module, the price of the lock will not be increased.

Applicable people: There are fixed-time part-time workers, babysitters, and moon guards at home. Or the installation place is office, study, etc. There is a need to use special modes from time to time, and this function is a very necessary function.


5. Key unlocking:

Advantages: Improve the security of the entire lock. As one of the most important backup unlocking methods.

Disadvantages: The anti-theft property is proportional to the lock cylinder. Must choose a high level of lock cylinder.

Based on the analysis above. For daily basic needs. Without considering the budget. The recommendations need special consideration as follows:

There are elderly children living in the house. It has been verified that the fingerprints of the elderly or children can be used normally, otherwise it is necessary to consider for the elderly and children. Cards are a relatively good solution. Note that this does not mean that neither elderly nor children can use it, but to reserve a convenient way for the elderly at home to unlock.

If there is a fixed-time part-time worker at home, or a smart lock installed in the office or study. There are many times when channel locks need to be set. Then the Bluetooth APP is a necessary function. Minimize the worry of assigning keys to your aunt or having to open the door regularly.

A3 smart home door lock 08

6. Remote:

① Remote unlocking: Remote one-button unlocking is convenient and quick.

② Remote one-time password:

With this feature, the original intention of the design is to be able to issue a one-time password when a friend or family visits temporarily. In the actual use process, the applicable frequency problem needs to be considered, and the other is also a safety issue. Preventing signal hijacking is a very important thing.

③Remote monitoring:

Usually, the publicity scene you can see is that you can remotely see the opening and closing records of family members going home, especially the elderly and children. It is relatively more practical to check the status of the door lock remotely. This is a very good feature for customers who often doubt whether they have locked the door.

VOLIBEL Tinylock

7.Voice volume adjustment and mute function

The role of speech is to be able to assist. The user is guided throughout the operation. Let the user know whether each step is correct, and prompt the user for the next step. So how do you respond to your special needs during the selection process?

① Volume adjustment:

This is a problem that is particularly easy to overlook in daily purchases. There are usually two types of requirements we encounter. One type is that the use environment is relatively noisy and requires a larger volume. On the other hand, the environment is very quiet and requires a lower volume. So everyone has a rough judgment before buying. It is enough to know in advance whether the volume can be adjusted.

② Mute:

Some models are humanized. When they are turned on, they can set the mute mode, that is, the door lock does not give a sound and operation sound. For home scenes that often go home late at night, there will be a certain effect. But because in addition to the beep and operation sound of the door. Door locks and door switches also produce sounds, so you still need to look at them together. However, the volume of the above operation is at least a lot smaller, which can reduce the impact of going home too late on the family as much as possible.