After Purchasing A Fingerprint Lock, Maintain New Skills!

Aug 17, 2019

Smart locks can be said to be the entry-level products of smart homes in the new era. More and more families are beginning to replace their mechanical locks with smart locks. The price of smart locks is not low, and should be paid more attention to maintenance during daily use. How should smart locks be maintained?

First, do not dismantle

Smart locks are much more complicated than traditional mechanical locks. In addition to the more refined outer casing, the electronic components such as the inside circuit board are also very precise, almost the same level as the mobile phone in your hand. Responsible vendors also have dedicated personnel to install and repair. So don't disassemble the smart lock privately. If there is a fault, contact the customer's customer service.

Second, do not force the door

Many people used to slam the door on the door frame when they used to leave the house, and the slamming sound was particularly cool. Although the smart lock body has a windproof and shockproof design, the circuit board inside can not withstand such torture, and the length of time may easily lead to some contact problems. The correct way is to turn the handle, tighten the lock in the lock body, and then let go after closing the door. Closing the door with a bang can not only damage the smart lock, but also cause the lock to fail, causing greater security problems.

Third, pay attention to the cleaning of the identification module

Whether it is fingerprint recognition or password input panel, it is a place to be touched by hand. The oil secreted by the sweat glands in the hand will accelerate the aging of the fingerprint recognition and input panels, resulting in failure of recognition or insensitivity of input.

The password button area should also be wiped from time to time to ensure that the password is not leaked.

Therefore, the fingerprint identification window should be gently wiped with a dry soft cloth. It is not possible to clean it with a relatively hard object (such as a brush ball). The password input window also needs a clean soft cloth to wipe, otherwise it will leave scratches and affect the input sensitivity.

Fourth, the mechanical keyhole should not be lubricated with lubricating oil

Most of the smart locks have mechanical keyholes, and the maintenance of mechanical locks has been around for a long time. Many people routinely believe that mechanical lubrication is of course to be handed over to the lubricant. It is actually wrong. This is better than lubricating oil. It explains why the lock cannot be lubricated by lubricating oil.

Fifth, avoid contact with corrosive substances

The popularity of smart locks has increased the overall value of the door locks by a large amount, and the cleanliness of the door locks has also revealed the level of care of the family. If the shell of the smart lock is accidentally corroded, according to the broken window theory, this kind of smart lock with the appearance of corrosion will also be targeted by the thief. After all, from the smart lock, it seems that the home is not like someone.

Sixth, check it from time to time

The car has an annual inspection, but there are still various problems. The smart lock has a much lower probability of failure, but checking it from time to time can prevent it from happening. For example, whether the screw is loose, the clearance between the lock body and the lock plate, etc., but the most common is to see if the battery has electricity, whether it leaks.

Dry battery leakage can cause some problems. Check frequently.

Smart locks change the way we open the door, we also need to pay attention to the smart lock is a high-tech precision equipment, the way to maintain has to be changed. But before the iPhone came out, how many people were willing to wear a film on the phone? When the smart lock really replaces the mechanical lock, the problem mentioned above is not a problem.