Classification Of Smart Locks

Aug 07, 2019

1. Smart fingerprint lock

The intelligent fingerprint lock is a smart lock that uses fingerprint recognition technology to unlock. The advantage of the intelligent fingerprint lock is that the fingerprint is difficult to copy and must be recognized for living. If a stranger wants to enter your home through fingerprint recognition, it can be described as a fantasy.

2. Smart password lock

A smart password lock is a smart lock that unlocks by entering an unlock password. The advantage of the smart password lock is the pseudo-password technology. The user can input a string of numbers at will, as long as the digit string contains the password (***+password+***), it can be successfully unlocked. On the one hand, it prevents people passing by from seeing the numbers you enter, and on the other hand prevents certain numbers on the keyboard from fixing fingerprints.

3. Smart sensor card lock

The smart sensor card lock is a smart lock that is connected to the phone's Bluetooth or unlocked by swiping the card. Smart sensor card locks require the role of the phone and the card to play the key. First, pair it with the door lock. Unless your phone or card is lost, you cannot unlock it.

The most widely used smart locks on the market are these three types of smart locks.