Experience Smart Drawer Cabinet Easy Switch

Jan 10, 2020

Office privacy is now impossible. Dozens of people in a large space. You are slightly aware of the movement of people around you, making you feel uncomfortable. The only convenience in the office where you can hide your privacy is your small personal locker. But sometimes forgetting to bring the key is always so ugly to use. What's more terrible is that one day you went out and your colleagues were very anxious to ask you for important documents. The documents are locked in your cabinet. You are helpless in the field.


In order to protect privacy and be convenient, VOLIBEL G6 fingerprint cabinet lock perfectly solves your troubles. Let you protect your little privacy with peace of mind. Yes, it is such an ordinary fingerprint electronic lock that looks no different from an ordinary lock. Then you are wrong, and I will introduce you to its strengths.


First look at the appearance. The biggest advantage of using glass material for the shell is aging resistance. It will not fade in a short time. Ensure that the appearance does not fade after long-term use and does not affect the appearance. The size is relatively small, 3 cm in length, 3 cm in width, and less than 1.5 cm in thickness. The exquisite and compact appearance design guarantees that it can be placed in any drawer without taking up too much drawer space.


After talking about the appearance, let's talk about the features. I think the biggest feature of this smart electronic lock is that it can add 20 fingerprints. Just enter the fingerprint of a trusted colleague before you go on a business trip. Colleagues suddenly look for documents when you are on a business trip. You can ask trusted colleagues to help open and lock. Colleague fingerprints can be deleted after returning from a business trip.


Maybe you have such concerns, even if I bought it, I'm not easy to install and use it. I also need to punch holes, tighten screws, etc. Too complicated. In fact, you have to worry about it, G6 does not need to punch holes, and fits perfectly with your original keyhole. It only takes 2 minutes to complete the smart upgrade of the old lock.


Super battery life. USB charging can stand for 500 days after 30 minutes of charging. Unlock 3,000 times. The battery is low and the red light will flash 3 times continuously. When the battery runs out, you can use Android USB to charge. Open the door after the system starts.

I believe you must be wondering if you can use this smart lock in your home cabinet. G6 smart lock can adapt to a variety of use scenarios, whether it is a drawer cabinet, single-open cabinet, double-open cabinet can easily respond. Each lock is equipped with a buckle and a baffle, allowing you to easily cope with various usage scenarios.


The only thing that felt inadequate was that the locks used to give the impression that they were relatively sturdy and durable. The glass lock does not seem to be as strong as stainless steel. But think carefully that this is a lock that protects privacy, there is no need to ask for such a high. Have you written so much do you like our G6 smart lock?