How About A Fully Automatic Smart Lock?

Aug 09, 2019

Now our life is becoming more and more intelligent. No matter the equipment in life, it is a lot advanced, and the smart lock has become a favorite item, but many people will ask, what is a fully automatic smart lock? What is a semi-automatic smart lock, what is the difference?

At present, the automatic intelligent door lock with large shipments of smart locks is the fully automatic intelligent lock that the motor is placed on the front and rear panels. Regardless of whether the door is opened or closed, the lock core is driven by the motor, and then the lock pin is used to manipulate the extension and contraction of the lock tongue on the lock body, and finally the door is opened and closed.

Fully automatic intelligent door lock, first of all, the difference between our appearance and our general intelligent door lock is relatively large. The automatic intelligent door lock is mostly push-pull type, without a handle, changing the habit of semi-automatic intelligent door lock pressing the handle to unlock. Instead of push-pull unlocking, the appearance is beautiful and the atmosphere is high-end grade, but the failure rate is higher than the hand-held smart door lock.

The general automatic intelligent door lock uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for 3 to 6 months on a single charge, because the motor is driven every time the lock is unlocked, so the power consumption of the fully automatic smart door lock is lower than that of the semi-automatic smart door lock. A lot higher.

The automatic intelligent door lock can be said to be a universal door. It does not need to replace the lock body of the original mechanical lock. The device is simple, does not change the lock body, and does not consider the compatibility. This is one of the advantages of the automatic intelligent door lock. . However, the fully automatic smart door lock generally does not support the hook function on the original door lock.

The automatic intelligent door lock needs to drive the lock tongue directly through the internal motor of the lock body, and it has a relatively large load. If the hook is added, not only the more powerful motor but also more power will be consumed. Therefore, many fully automatic smart locks have eliminated the support of the Liuhe hook.