How To Buy A Good Fingerprint Door Lock?

Aug 14, 2019

The price of the product in the fingerprint lock market is complicated. The price of a fingerprint lock is from a few hundred yuan to more than 10,000 yuan. According to the process, configuration, function, service, brand and so on of the fingerprint lock, the fingerprint lock on the market can be roughly divided into three price grades.

The fingerprint lock of the market can be divided into three major grades:

Basically unbranded products: These products are just assembled from small factories or workshops that have bought some inexpensive originals.

Mid-range products: The production enterprises of such products often have a certain scale and strength, and the production process has also been greatly improved, but generally do not master any patented technology.

High-end products: The production enterprises of such products are generally more famous enterprises in the domestic fingerprint lock industry (in the fingerprint lock industry, there is no absolute leading enterprise at present), and there are certain guarantees in product stability and after-sales service, of course. Such products are often considered to be high-end fingerprint locks.

From the point of view of consumption, high-quality products are not the manufacturers to give their own points, is the evaluation of the consumer's word of mouth. The quality of high-end products is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is perfect. The word-of-mouth is natural, so the current fingerprint lock grade is divided. In addition to brand benefits, the most important thing is service.

In terms of technology, in order to produce high-quality fingerprint locks, in addition to the advantages of mechanical component assembly, it is also necessary to have high quality, stability and precision on the core components of the fingerprint; if it can hold the product structure patent and production process And the core part of the product testing and other aspects, these will be the premise of the birth of high-quality fingerprint locks.

In terms of configuration, fingerprint locks are an electronic product, and quality problems are inevitable during use. Therefore, how to reduce the vulnerability and error rate of internal design and connection of products is particularly important. Therefore, the system mode is required in the assembly process. The first-class fingerprint lock manufacturer not only has a good R&D department, but also perfects the process specification of the electronic assembly and the inspection and debugging level of the module and the lock body.

From the functional point of view, the powerful technology and stable configuration make the functions of the fingerprint lock compatible, and the failure rate is low. Only a fingerprint lock manufacturer with a certain strength can do it. Unlike the limited internal capacity of mobile phones, the mainstream fingerprint locks carry at least twice the sensor area of the mobile phone chip. Most of the algorithm schemes of fingerprint door locks are based on the traditional algorithm of fingerprint feature. In order to improve the unlocking speed and experience, some algorithm vendors will adopt the combination of traditional algorithm and full image algorithm.