Is The Quality Of Smart Locks Difficult? Teach You Six Strokes To Easily Distinguish Between Authenticity!

Aug 16, 2019

Smart door locks are the vanguard of the smart home market, and all manufacturers are eager to take a share in this market. However, due to the lack of a unified set of standard specifications, China's smart door lock market has problems such as chaotic products, poor design, high prices, and incorrect versions. In the just-concluded 2018 Yongkang Men's Exhibition, the low price, appearance plagiarism, and the quality of the smart lock function are also very significant. As consumers, we are always on the ice and do not know how to choose quality and safe products.

Therefore, consumers are faced with a wide variety of locks on the market, and the quality is not known. If you want to buy a good quality, after-sales and other aspects of the lock, I am afraid it is a bit difficult, but as long as we polish our eyes, with the ability to distinguish the quality of the lock, it is not afraid to buy inferior goods, today Xiaobian Let's take a look at these skills.

Look at the surface

The high quality lock has a clear appearance and a smooth surface. Optional skills: touch the surface of the lock, feel the surface is smooth, to judge the quality of the lock coating quality; check the lock head, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cover board and other related parts are complete; check the plating parts Whether the surface color of the painted parts is bright and uniform, with or without rust, oxidation and damage.

Some advanced technology can extend the service life of the lock and increase the anti-solid strength of the lock. For example, pay attention to whether there are defects such as open welding, unweld welding, and leakage welding. See if all the joints such as the door leaf and the door frame are dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, and whether the paint plating is uniform, firm and smooth.

2. Listen to the sound

Locked with copper-plated material, the sound is dull when turned on, and the sound of copper or stainless steel lock is crisp. Optional skills: Compare and check with two or more products to see if they are solid and reliable.

Check if the lock is open and flexible. Check the insurance structure of the product to see if it is smooth and unobstructed. It is recommended to test each lock at least 3 times.

3. Weigh in the hand component

If the lock is light, the anti-theft performance and service life of the lock are not ideal. Optional skills: Weigh in the hand lock core part, good quality lock core is relatively heavy, on the contrary, the quality is very light. Measure the entire lock. Locks made of high-quality materials such as pure copper have a heavier feel, while locks made of materials such as copper plating are relatively light.

The main components of the lock body (the tongue, the main tongue, the safety tongue, and the inner main connecting piece and the outer casing of the lock) are high-quality products. These main materials are generally made of 304 stainless steel, which is extremely resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The role of effective defensive actions such as anti-drilling and anti-shock can safely protect home safety.

4. Lock cylinder

The lock cylinder is the core of the anti-theft lock. All the anti-theft locks have only one lock cylinder. It is like the human heart and is vital to the whole body of the human being. As soon as the lock cylinder is opened, all the lock points are opened, and more lock points are also ineffective.

The average person buys a lock and only looks at the shape. If you think it is big, it must be good. The anti-theft performance is super B-class anti-theft lock core. It is a super-B lock cylinder with single row of marbles, sliders, suspended marbles and double rollers. It has low mutual opening rate, strong anti-pull performance and anti-technical opening. , anti-theft key, anti-drilling and anti-drilling open. But no matter which kind of intelligent anti-theft lock is bought, the European lock cylinder is used instead of the copper lock core. We can also distinguish the resulting security level from the key, because the more the number of teeth of the key, or the more special, the lower the mutual opening rate of the lock, the better the anti-theft performance. Select key locks with shallow depth of teeth. The teeth are too flat, smooth, shallow, and the mutual opening rate is high, and the anti-theft performance is not good enough.

5. Spring

The quality of the spring also determines the service life of the lock. If the spring quality of the lock is not good, the handle will easily sag and the life of the lock will be greatly shortened. Optional skills: Try the toughness of the spring inside the lock. The feel of a good spring is very soft, moderately soft and hard.

6. Abnormal alarm function

If the lock is not locked, the bad guys can take advantage of it, and the owner’s property may be lost. This is a real problem. Therefore, the smart lock has no abnormal alarm function should be a sign to measure its good or bad. The intelligent lock with abnormal alarm function is generally within 3 seconds of the abnormal situation of the lock, the lock will automatically sound the alarm to attract the attention of the owner and re-lock the door.

Conclusion: The above introduction is a good way to distinguish between smart locks. In addition to these basic aspects, we must also look at the manufacturer's certificate, production license, etc., because the smart lock manufacturers with these documents are certainly regular manufacturers, and the products they produce must have certain quality assurance.