Is The Smart Lock Easy To Use?

Aug 19, 2019

Nowadays, the Internet is becoming more and more developed. After 80/90, it became the main force of consumption. For the consumers of this age group, the pursuit of fashionable high-tech products has gradually become the mainstream. Therefore, more and more intelligent products have emerged. The same is true of the home industry. Some time ago, Keyu Smart Lock Agent Summit, many smart lock agents responded, when doing community promotion, the number of users who passed by consulted more. Why is this so? Most agents said: First of all, the user feels that the price is too expensive, there is no need to spend thousands to buy a lock; secondly, there are fewer people around, do not know how the quality, in case you can not enter the house.

In the face of such an agent, Xiao Bian gave the answer: doing business is also a fate. The purpose of smart locks is to change people's quality of life and bring convenience to people. As long as the service is good, they are willing to accept technology and intelligence. The life and the people who dare to take the lead in eating crabs can let these people drive the people around them, and the market will roll like a snowball. For those users who are afraid to use and are skeptical about smart locks, Xiao Bian only wants to say: You have not bought or used it. How do you conclude that the smart lock is not good, and why do you say it is expensive? Enjoy early, don't regret it...

1. It is a matter of time before the key is eliminated.

A variety of unlocking modes, in addition to the traditional key, you can also use the password, fingerprint, smart sensor, swipe card and other means to unlock.

That is to say, with the smart lock, you can lose a bunch of keys that are both heavy and afraid of being lost. And Alipay, WeChat payment have been used for so long, and there is no problem. So in smart life, how can you lose the smart lock? So, this is the trend, the key is eliminated sooner or later.

2. The future will be smart without life

So what is the trend? The trend is that when the electric light appears, the kerosene lamp disappears; when the lighter appears, the match disappears; when the calculator appears, the abacus disappears; when the smart lock phone appears, the function machine disappears; when the smart TV appears, There are fewer people using traditional TV... What have you discovered from these trends?

Have you discovered that intelligent products have gradually ruled our lives? Therefore, society has been changing. If you do not take the initiative to change, it will eventually be changed by the world. Therefore, only seize the trend and follow the trend. Imagine, when you come back to your door in a big bag, you have to put down your hands and find the keys, find the key to open the door, and then pick up the things and enter the door. Is this very troublesome? The answer is yes. So, in the era of intelligence, what is the reason for your home's door locks to be unintelligible?

If you think that fingerprint unlocking is not smart enough, some smart locks also provide a smarter "lazy" mode, such as a smart lock with sensing function can be bound to the mobile phone, or tied to the wireless remote control, as long as it is close to the smart lock You can press the handle to open the door. In fact, smart locks also have many very smart use functions. For example, when a user is on a business trip, as long as the old man and the child's mobile phone are bound with the smart lock, they can know when they go out and when they go home through the mobile phone; if there are friends and relatives When you visit, you can also use your mobile phone to send a temporary authorization password to open the door or remotely unlock the phone directly, so that they can enter the house and wait...

In addition, smart locks bring a lot of smart experiences to people, such as it can be connected with other smart home products, or provide people with weather forecasts, life tips, fully automatic locks and so on.

3. BMW Mercedes is expensive, but still someone buys

From the current status quo, the price of smart locks is somewhat high for users, and even more than 10,000, the average level is also around 3,000. Although there are four or five hundred smart locks on a certain treasure, the quality, stability, safety and service are really not reassuring.

At this year's major fairs, many manufacturers have introduced smart locks as low as 299, and four to five hundred and seven hundred and eight hundred smart locks are also a big one, giving people a smart lock and cost-effective era is coming. Feeling, but is it true? Many entrepreneurs said: "We can't do four or five hundred, seven or eight hundred smart locks, but the quality of the products is really not guaranteed. At the moment of high production costs and labor costs, low-cost competition. Smart lock companies can only rely on the cost of raw materials and production process to bring certain profits, but the cost of compressing these two aspects will inevitably sacrifice product quality."