Multiple Security Protections. VOLIBEL Smart Door Lock A1 Opens A Smart New Life.

Jan 04, 2020

With the commercial popularization of 5G, an era of smart living with all things connected is about to begin. What will life look like in the future? It is believed that many people's lives have covered smart home products such as smart door locks, smart TVs, and smart air conditioners. These smart products make life easier. VOLIBEL Smart Door Lock A1, as a smart home product, brings absolute safety, reliability, and smart and convenient experience, lighting up the door to a smart new life.

volibel A1 smart lock

There are 150 million urban households in the United States, and the penetration rate of smart door locks is only 10%. Japan and South Korea have exceeded 70%. In the past two years, smart door locks have become more and more popular as part of smart homes. Everyone has chosen smart door locks that are both safe and convenient. VOLIBEL is an internationally renowned electronic technology brand. It has deep experience and technology patents. The smart door lock A1 inherits the brand's innovative genes. Experience good safety and convenience, make life better.


In terms of security, VOLIBEL smart door lock A1 has given great attention. It has multiple safety protections. First of all, it uses a C-class anti-break lock core, adds adapter plates, fixing points, etc. to strengthen the door lock, and innovative anti-prying design to ensure the security of theft and reliability. At the same time, A1 smart door lock adopts a new generation of living fingerprint recognition technology, supports <0.5S fast and secure fingerprint unlocking, and also supports electronic unlocking methods such as digital passwords, IC door cards, etc. In addition, the product also has a built-in security system, which will automatically enter the protection mode after 5 unsuccessful unlocks, fully protecting the security of the home.


Everyone's acceptance of smart door locks is getting higher and higher. In addition to the convenience and anti-theft experience, more attention is paid to the security protection of such door locks in special situations. For example, in case of fire, earthquake, etc., can the door lock be opened quickly? Will there be a safety problem when the door is out of power? VOLIBEL smart door lock A1 fully considers various use scenarios, and can open the door lock normally without power. When the battery is low, it will remind you to change the battery. Considering the use of special circumstances, this smart door lock has an unlock knob on the inner panel of the door lock. In any emergency, you can open the door as soon as possible to avoid accidents.

volibel A1 smart door lock

In addition, VOLIBEL smart door lock A1 also added a lot of humanized functions, such as child lock, doorbell call, mute party disturbing function and so on. Imagine that when you come home and face the smart door lock, you don't need to take out the key to open the door. You can easily unlock it by setting your fingerprint, digital password or IC card. More smart home products, they are connected together to form our smart new life in the future.