Smart Door Locks Will Become The Next Wave Of Smart Home Opportunities!

Jan 06, 2020

As a hot industry, smart homes started mainly because Google acquired Nest for $ 3.2 billion in 2014, and it has since set off a global upsurge. Under the leadership of Google, the entire industry has begun to set foot in the field of smart home. Apple released HomeKit smart home platform. Samsung also acquired SmartThings smart home platform this year.

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1.Smart home market size is 100 billion USD

With the widespread application of artificial intelligence technology. In the consumer electronics technology application scenario, AI technology, voice assistants, and the intelligent ecosystem of the Internet of Things platform are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Injecting change into the family. Promote the rapid popularization of smart homes. At the same time, consumer demand for smart devices is rising. Strong demand for smart devices such as smart speakers, smart appliances, smart cameras, smart switches and smart door locks. Promote the rapid growth of smart homes. The market size is up to 100 billion US dollars.

IDC expects global smart home shipments to grow to 840 million units this year. It will increase to 1.46 billion units by 2023. Compound annual growth rate is 14.9%. The consumer Internet of Things is the most potential market, and the smart home scenario is expected to become one of the largest spending markets of the Internet of Things by 2023. The huge market opportunity has made it one of the core strategies of many technology giants.

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2. Intelligent door locks will become the next wave of opportunities for intelligent hardware, and the market size will exceed 40 billion

Smart homes are in a period of rapid growth. With further promotion and popularization, players are actively pouring into the field of smart home. Smart speakers, smart home appliances, and smart door locks have attracted industry attention as popular segments. Especially as the smart door lock market continues to increase. There is more room for future growth. Attract influx of giants, such as Midea, Xiaomi, 360, Samsung, Hikvision, etc. Some traditional home furnishing companies have also entered the field of smart door locks in various ways. Market competition will further intensify.

However, smart door locks are becoming more popular with consumers. In particular, home intelligence is increasing. Smart door locks as the home entrance will be the next wave of intelligence. The market will grow rapidly. Smart door locks are developing rapidly under the boom of smart homes. According to IDC's quarterly tracking report on China's smart home equipment market earlier this year. In the home security surveillance market, smart door locks are growing faster.


In addition, according to the "Forecast and Investment Strategy Planning Report of China's Smart Home Equipment Industry Market" released by the Institute of Foresight Industry, statistics show. By 2022, the size of China's smart door lock market will exceed 40 billion yuan, reaching 43.7 billion yuan. And pointed out that 2018-2020 will be the golden three years of smart door locks.

The wave of intelligence is sweeping. We are at the forefront of new technological changes. Consumer Internet of Things is growing faster than expected. Various armies set foot in. With the joint efforts of the industry chain, smart homes are accelerating their popularity. The industry has ushered in the best development era. Both giants and innovative companies will usher in significant opportunities.