Smart Home Starts With Smart Door Locks

Feb 10, 2020

Affected by the natural disaster in 2020, the first quarter of this year will have a great impact on all walks of life.

But no matter how poor, there is a dream. My dream is to make all my homes smart and build my own smart home by 2020.


But those other things start with simple things. Smart home, I think it still has to start from the door!

The first is the smart door lock. With the development of modern technology, the technology of those thieves is becoming more and more popular. The old-fashioned locks were long gone, and the traditional key unlocking did have a little trouble. For example, if you forgot to bring the key, what should you do? If you live with your family, you can wait for them to come back and unlock. If you live alone, if you forget to bring the key, there is nothing you can do.


At present, the main unlocking methods of smart door locks on the market are: fingerprint, password, mobile phone, NFC. As for what kind of Bluetooth we are categorized into mobile phones, it is easy for everyone to understand. Let's take a look at what scenarios these unlocking methods are used in.

Fingerprint & Password Unlock

After the fingerprints of the family members are entered, they can be unlocked directly through the fingerprints. This is also the most commonly used unlocking method in our daily life. Put your hand on the doorknob to unlock it. No need to pull out your key, it is very convenient.

Password unlocking is also very easy to understand, just like mobile phone unlocking, just enter the password. However, considering that some middle-aged and elderly people cannot remember the password. I think fingerprint is more convenient.


Phone unlock

Suppose you have a date at home today and you go out early to prepare a romantic gift. The girlfriend arrived earlier today. Let him wait for you outside the door this time? What are you dating?

At this time you need to pull out your phone. Unlock the door, then come the sentence: My door is always open for you.

In fact, this is the application scenario of mobile phone unlocking. When you are out, and an acquaintance is visiting, you can open the door directly. Keep friends from waiting.


NFC unlock

NFC unlocking is actually divided into two cases, one is ordinary NFC card, swipe to unlock; the second is to achieve NFC unlocking through a mobile phone or bracelet.

So if you have a fingerprint, password, and mobile phone unlock, why do you need NFC?

The main reason is because of the elderly, the fingerprints of the elderly are actually not very easy to identify. Especially for some wear and tear, fingerprint unlocking is basically useless. Coupled with the fact that the old man can't remember the password, the mobile phone unlock may not be very useful. At this time, letting him swipe a card is the easiest way.

It is common for children to lose their cards. So is it better to change to a bracelet at this time?


Of course, smart door locks still retain the traditional physical key unlocking method. Don't worry about it. The intelligent door lock greatly improves the convenience of opening the door, and also greatly improves the safety factor, which is very practical. In addition, smart door locks are also the easiest devices to interact with smart homes. For example, when you go out in the morning, the robot is automatically turned on.

Make your life safer and more convenient. Why not?