Smart Lock Features

Aug 08, 2019

1. Convenience

The smart lock is different from the general mechanical lock and has an automatic electronic induction locking system. It automatically senses that when the door is closed, the system will automatically lock; the general fingerprint lock is inconvenient when using password/fingerprint registration functions, especially When used by old people and children, individual smart locks can turn on its unique voice prompt function, making the user's operation easier and easier to understand.

2. Security

In the general community security environment, the general door lock handle opening method can not ensure sufficient safety performance, it is easy to drill a small hole from the door and then use the wire to turn the handle to open the door. Many smart locks have patented technology guarantee, indoor handle A safety handle button has been added to the setting, and the safety handle button needs to be pressed to turn the handle door to open, resulting in a safer use environment.

3. Interactivity

The smart door lock has the ability to interact with the tenant at any time, and can actively report the visitor status of the TV on the same day. On the other hand, visitors can even remotely control the smart door lock to open the door for visiting guests.

Smart locks play an increasingly important role in consumers' daily lives, and are loved by consumers in protecting family safety and convenience.