Smart Lock Future Development Trend

Aug 18, 2019

Smart lock will be used as an important intelligent hardware product in the intelligent security system. As a common and convenient access gateway for home use, it has the advantage that other equipment can't match. It will be integrated with other security products into a complete security system and access more families. Smart application scenario. The popularity of smart door locks and the popularization of smart homes form a two-way pull. At the same time, smart door locks will pay more attention to the integration with smart homes to achieve interconnection, security and convenience.

Connect Network. In the era of intelligence and information, smart locks that are not connected to the Internet cannot be called smart locks in the true sense. Through networking, smart locks can be interconnected with other smart home products such as smart cat eyes and smart home appliances. At the same time, the smart product is characterized by human-computer interaction. The smart lock can only be controlled by the handheld terminal through networking, monitoring the opening and closing state of the door lock by remote, and realizing the real-time lock to the user in case of an alarm. Alarm and other functions.


1. Smart lock industry cloudization

In the future, the IoT cloud platform will become the standard configuration in the smart lock industry. Through the cloud platform, the full chain data around the smart lock will be uniformly stored, and all data will be processed at high speed and efficiency. The data resources will be obtained among relevant stakeholders in the industry. Sharing, since then, more and more smart lock application scenarios will be implemented.

2. The price tends to be reasonable

With the maturity of technology and the reduction of cost, the cost performance of smart locks will be further improved. The price of mainstream smart locks will be reduced from 3,000 yuan in the previous two years to 1500-2500, in order to obtain the favor of a wider range of users, because of the future. The huge cash flow of the Internet of Things era and the artificial intelligence era will surely come from such groups.

3. Unique, stylish appearance

According to the data of the National Lock Industry Information Center, the age of smart lock buyers is mainly integrated in the ages of 25-35 and 35-50, of which 27-40 is the main force of purchase. That is to say, the current purchasers of smart locks are mainly concentrated in the 80s and 90s, and they are a generation that grows along with the Internet. They are independent, individual, rebellious, and also typical of the value control, so the products provided to them must be We must strive for a unique and stylish design.

4. Carrying applications more

In terms of intelligence and humanity. Most products in the smart lock industry can generate certain interconnections with the user's equipment, providing users with functions such as alarm reminders, flood prevention reminders, and family reminders, which will change from a single function to active defense and care for the elderly and children.

5. Professional service system and platform will be formed

Smart locks will be a product category that relies heavily on services. Because of the large differences in smart lock structure, high precision requirements, and high technical content, professional after-sales personnel are required to solve problems such as installation and maintenance. At the same time, emergency handling of safety incidents will become a key feature. Service, security incident emergency response will be promoted to a higher level to be treated, and become an important part of user security services, the future professional door lock service system and service platform will be born. In the future, the intelligent lock service will only be serviced like an air conditioner, so that users can purchase and use it with confidence.

Conclusion: At present, the development of smart locks has reached a new bottleneck period, and it is necessary to integrate artificial intelligence and other emerging intelligent technologies to achieve technological breakthroughs. Artificial intelligence is used in the field of smart locks. Firstly, it can realize seamless connection and communication between people, machines and systems, so that smart locks have basic judgment and learning ability, so as to realize intelligent use. Secondly, through the support of big data, Smart locks can analyze and learn the user's unlocking habits and usage habits, and then turn them into machine thinking to provide users with a better experience.