Smart Locks Are Not Reliable?

Aug 12, 2019

The first reason people don't dare to change smart locks is often to think of it - not reliable. Some news about the Tesla coil opening the smart lock is boiling, and the "small black box" can be unlocked in a few seconds as long as it sways around the smart door lock. This makes many owners have fears, does smart locks become unsafe? What kind of unlocking principle is this?

Originally, the Tesla coil on the small black box can generate high-frequency, high-intensity electromagnetic pulses, which can affect the electronic circuit inside the smart door lock, directly short-circuit or automatically restart the smart door lock, thereby unlocking purpose. According to experts, the small black box is not as magical as the ones on the Internet, and it can make all electronic door locks useless. Only smart protection locks with low protection factor and industry standards will be disturbed.