Upgrade Smart Door Lock APP

Dec 25, 2019

With the continuous popularization of intelligent technology, people's enthusiasm for accepting new things continues to increase. As an important product of smart technology, fingerprint locks play a vital role in every home. At the same time, the security performance of fingerprint locks is also the focus of every family. How to better solve consumer pain points and the security of fingerprint locks. VOLIBEL continuously practices and explores in the fingerprint lock industry, and strives to make every family enjoy the fun brought by intelligent technology.


According to different customer needs, Volibel provides Wi-Fi smart door locks, Bluetooth locks, offline locks and other types of door locks for your choice. Of course, you can also communicate with our sales staff as needed to customize your door lock. Regarding the unlock method, you can select the required function according to your needs.


Compared with traditional fingerprint locks, the Tinylock APP management door lock launched by VOLIBEL constantly surprises users in terms of security and intelligence, and comprehensively includes alarm functions, temporary keys, remote monitoring, one-click unlocking and authorization management. upgrade. . Fingerprint lock. Provide door lock function, security and privacy. Applicable to apartments, hotels, real estate and other industries. Let users know the dynamics of door locks on mobile phones. Professional technicians can also customize the required functions.

VOLIBEL tinylock


The upgrade system can be connected to the tuya application. It can be connected with other graffiti products for whole house intelligence.

smart tuya