What Is Smart Home?

Mar 26, 2021

Smart homes have penetrated into all areas of home life. New models of intelligence are constantly emerging for basic necessities, food, shelter, transportation, food and drink, and humans are entering the era of "smart houses"! With the rapid development of the industry and the continuous emergence of high-end products, the smart home market is gradually emerging with ten essential functions. Which system do you, who love home, pay more attention to?

What is smart home?

In recent years, in the building materials and home furnishing market, the scale of the smart home industry has increased significantly. According to relevant data, the scale of the smart home market will reach 180 billion yuan by 2018. With the gradual improvement of the smart home system platform, more and more industries have joined the big stage of smart home. However, under the influence of various factors, the popularization of smart home products is not smooth. Many people are still confused with smart home and smart home appliances, thinking that buying various fashion-leading smart home appliances in the later period is to enjoy the smart home life, but it is not!

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A real smart home should be exactly called a smart housekeeper. Just like Iron Man Jarvis, it can learn the owner’s living habits, and can talk to the owner, master the owner’s life rules, and automatically turn it on according to the owner’s work and rest time. And to turn off the electrical appliances at home, there is no need for people to come to remote or fixed-point control switches and buttons, which is completely intelligent. Like Tass in Interstellar, the situation in the home can be the first to remind the owner, automatically recognize the invasion of bad guys, sound the alarm, lock the door and turn off the lights, and dial the alarm phone and so on.

There is also a misunderstanding of consumption. Smart home has become a stereotype of high-consumption "luxury" in people's minds. Some manufacturers "ripen" their products to grab a morning market at a high price, but this has caused consumers to have more misunderstandings about smart homes, and they always feel that this is something wealthy families can only own. In fact, according to the ordinary two-bedroom and one-living room, install a basic smart home smart home system, including home appliance control, smart lighting, smart security, and electric curtains.


So, what exactly is a smart home?

Simply put, it is a product of the Internet of Things that has emerged under the influence of the Internet. Various household devices in the home are connected together through the Internet of Things technology. In the physical scene of the family, the human environment of the family realizes the connection and unity of things. Controlled by a terminal or induction system. By constructing intelligent service system solutions and integrating high-tech technologies such as automation systems, computer networks, and network communications, the home will ultimately make family life healthier, low-carbon, smart, comfortable, safe and convenient.