What Is The Focus On The Lock Body And Lock Cylinder Of The Smart Lock?

Aug 03, 2019

As a lock, the most important thing is safety. The important criterion for the safety of smart locks is the lock body and the lock cylinder. Therefore, you must look for the brand products, do not listen to the one-sided words of small manufacturers, and some unscrupulous small manufacturers. Will use the inferior quality, low quality steel to shoddy, seemingly solid, but in reality, in the face of violent unlocking, instantly collapse. Nowadays, the general smart locks use sturdy 304 stainless steel. The same lock core also has a grade, the best is the B and super B lock, although the two are the same as the national B grade, but the safety performance is very different, from the technical level, B-level lock: prevent technical opening The time is no less than 5 minutes. The super B-class lock prevents the technical opening time from not less than 270 minutes. The 5 minutes and 270 minutes are definitely an insurmountable gap. For the sake of family safety, we should naturally choose the intelligent lock of the super B-class lock cylinder.