What Is The Future Development Trend Of Smart Home Smart Door Locks?

Jan 02, 2020

With the advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, smart door locks have ushered in a good period of development. Regardless of national policy or market perspective, the smart door lock industry is currently an excellent development period. With the continuous development of the industry in the exploration, the development trend is gradually clear.

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Technology market environment mainly promotes industry development

1.Automatic smart lock

In terms of technology, smart door locks use artificial intelligence technology to solve the problem of traditional locks with keys. Many people have experienced problems such as forgetting keys, losing keys, and inconvenience of bringing keys. Smart locks greatly facilitate people's lives. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, the security problem of smart door locks has been basically solved. "Fake fingerprints", "low recognition rate", "unreliable" and other issues have become a thing of the past. In addition, there are more and more practical functions and application scenarios of smart door locks after networking.

In terms of price, the prices of components such as fingerprint identification modules and wireless networking modules have gradually decreased in recent years. Helps reduce the cost of smart door locks.  After using smart door locks to form a habit in scenarios such as young people staying in hotels or renting houses, the probability of choosing a smart door lock is extremely high when they become the decision-making subject of house purchase and decoration.

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2.The industry development trend is gradually clear

In terms of quality technology, the security of smart door locks is the core of expanding the market. For the long-term development of the industry, it is necessary to ensure that smart door locks can ensure home security. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the research and development of digital encryption, fingerprint identification and other aspects at the technical level. Further improve the security skills of door locks, strengthen the quality control management of door locks, and increase consumer confidence in purchasing products.

At the same time, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, the level of product intelligence will continue to increase. More and more businesses are paying attention to the remote control technology of smart locks. Promote its better integration into the smart home ecosystem.

In terms of market structure, the penetration rate of smart door locks will continue to increase. In recent years, the rise of long-term rental apartments and homestays has provided a broad business market for smart door locks。The desire of young people for convenience, high value and black technology has promoted the development of smart door locks in the customer market.

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In the future, smart door locks will optimize convenience attributes and further improve product design. Penetration is expected to continue to climb. However, the market competition pattern of the smart door lock industry is still unclear, and the market competition will be fierce in the future. The phenomenon of homogeneous product competition in the market is serious, and some small manufacturers "Sticky label" and "Replace good ones with defective products" competition harm the development of the industry. As smart door locks have not yet been applied on a large scale, no leading brand in the smart door lock industry has yet appeared. In the next 3 years, the industry will usher in an era of major reshuffle, and competition will become more intense.

In terms of sales market, the next high cost performance has become a breakthrough in the development of smart door locks. The smart door lock portfolio is becoming a trend. In addition, the market will open up sales and after-sales channels. Strengthen after-sales service.

According to statistics, many consumers abandon their purchases due to the high price of smart door locks, and price has become the main reason affecting the popularity of smart door locks. With the reduction of component costs and the need for competition, smart door locks will further improve product quality and control product prices in the future. Make sure it's affordable for consumers. Achieve cost-effective products.

At the same time, smart door locks may also be sold in conjunction with anti-theft doors to further enhance consumer home security. In addition, penetration rates are still low due to smart door locks. Consumers often have problems during the first installation and subsequent use. In the future, the smart door lock industry is expected to build a good after-sales service platform and strengthen after-sales service. Meet the customer's after-sales needs, thereby promoting the development of the industry.

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