Why Is The Smart Door Lock Of The Brand More And More Difficult To Survive?

Aug 10, 2019

When the competition in the smart lock market is so fierce, the competition between smart door lock manufacturers is becoming more and more prominent in 2019. There are thousands of brands in China, there are big brands and small brands, so why the smart locks of miscellaneous brands are difficult. Survived?

Why is it that just two or three years have poured into so many companies and brands, everyone's ideas are very simple, smart lock career is still in the early stage of development, the penetration rate has not yet reached 5%, the future shopping mall space is very large, but more than 2000 plus In the enterprise, there are no more than 300 companies with R&D and original capabilities.

In particular, some enterprises believe that smart locks are superimposed on the basis of traditional mechanical locks to become a smart lock, or a hotel lock plus a fingerprint head, password, etc.

Therefore, many small and micro-smart lock companies, or small workshop-style smart lock companies, now purchase circuit boards, plans, fingerprint heads, algorithms, panels, locks and other components from different manufacturers, plus a public model, after a brief The assembly has become its own product.

Therefore, the quality requirements and appearance of smart locks are higher than those of mobile phones. "The phone is broken, throwing it on the side, once the smart lock is broken, the user can't enter the house. The user is almost zero-tolerant waiting outside the door." This proves that the cottage thinking in the smart lock profession may not work.